Ukraine approves bill to boost independence of anti-corruption bureau

2021.10.20 02:57 HypnotizedNeverLie Ukraine approves bill to boost independence of anti-corruption bureau

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2021.10.20 02:57 shaqtin_uh_fool [Twitter] "Get your head in the game, Westbrook!" 😂 The season's first edition of #Shaqtin didn't disappoint

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2021.10.20 02:57 webmediums Learn to decorate with Christmas candles and create a magical atmosphere in your home

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2021.10.20 02:57 Pulelehua Mo’higher ~ Guest Showcase

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2021.10.20 02:57 lucseansmith movie about the plagues in Egypt

There’s a movie I watched on tv when I was around 7 years old (2007) I remember there were lots of bald Egyptian kings. Then the Nile turned red with blood. It was very similar to exodus (2014) except it had to have been filmed before at least 2008. For some reason can’t find it anywhere on the internet because exodus pops up whenever I type a description. Please help me out.
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2021.10.20 02:57 Cornell1990 Free photo storage

Anyone know if you still get the free photos storage for "high quality" photos? (I don't mean the full resolution photo storage you got with the first couple of pixels)
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2021.10.20 02:57 alfielikes_horror How can I sort out arguments in my community?

I really want a good community were no bullying happens, how can I do that?
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2021.10.20 02:57 Grumpicake I really don’t fucking understand the point of playing dilators curse if you’re just going to be shitty and all pile into the same room. People are taking a fun game mode and making it a sweat fest for some reason.

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2021.10.20 02:57 ScoreStudent Tours for groups of young adults that want to party

Me and a group of my friends in our early 20s are interested in going on a trip in June with a tour company that caters for young travelers looking to have a good time. We’re all in our early 20s. I’ve heard of companies like The Yacht Week where you party on a yacht for a week which is an option up our ally. I was wondering if you guys knew of other tours/companies that would be suitable for my group.
Thank you so much for the help!
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2021.10.20 02:57 Expensive_Coffee_173 🍰SafeCakeApe🦍 🚀Cake Rewards 5% 🍰 Liquidity Locked& Ownership Renounced | Moonshot! 🔥Active Telegram Possible High Marketcap

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2021.10.20 02:57 EverBerserk Halloween Kills was horrible. SPOILERS!

I have more tension in my belt then what was in this entire movie. Some things were funny for instance little John and big John. I loved both of them but the end when Michael Myers basically turns into John Wick and kills 30 people was ridiculous.
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2021.10.20 02:57 niuz-bot VIDEO Autostrada A1 Sibiu – Piteşti: A început asfaltarea lotului Sibiu – Boiţa. Tronsonul cu o lungime de 13 kilometri va fi deschis până la sfârşitul anului viitor - [Articole][Economie]

Pas important pe şantierul celei mai aşteptate autostrăzi din România, Autostrada Sibiu – Piteşti: constructorul PORR a început asfaltările pe lotul dintre Sibiu şi Boiţa,… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.10.20 02:57 solariportocali Master Restockers

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2021.10.20 02:57 niuz-bot Ministrul Sănătății de la Sofia: Directorii spitalelor din Bulgaria susţin obligativitatea certificatelor verzi COVID pentru cadrele medicale - [Analize]

Ministrul bulgar al sănătăţii, dr. Stoicio Kaţarov, a declarat că se discută posibilitatea ca personalul medical din spitale să profeseze doar dacă deţine un certificat… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.10.20 02:57 Either_Improvement35 Which one

Do you prefer gil galad as the son of orodreth or fingon?
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2021.10.20 02:57 MoiraFuckingRose My partner and I are moving in together and this is the first time I’ve ever lived with a SO…I’m nervous. Any advice?

I haven’t lived with someone in 10 years and that was a roommate. I am so excited to take this step but I’ve never done this before and I would really appreciate any advice.
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2021.10.20 02:57 Oreou_ Open Border trade option doesn't show up

I have the Civil Service research, but they still don't show up
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2021.10.20 02:57 Middle_Huckleberry47 💳 SafuCards -launched today ! - Real Usecase! - Gift Cards - Dapps - Website - Low marketcap - Based dev! 💎

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2021.10.20 02:57 squeezethebars I couldn’t find an armored Darkseid so I tried to paint one plus Batman repaint

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2021.10.20 02:57 ThePoopfish Barely Passed Project+

I have almost zero experience managing projects and I guess it shows. After going through Casey Ayers course on pluralsight I didn't feel like I was "getting it" yet.
Decided since my school offers a free retake I would try the exam after reviewing a bit more material. Barely passed with a 716 which, for me, is somewhat embarrassing to admit :(
Still feeling like the material is not "clicking" yet, so I grabbed the Sybex Project+ book and hopefully after some low stakes reading things will begin to make more sense.
Hope none of my fellow computer techs have to take this cert if you have little interest in the topic. I found it to be rather boring. The guys over at /projectmanagement are a different breed of crazy.
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2021.10.20 02:57 ScarHydreigon87 The true Tall Queen of Genshin

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2021.10.20 02:57 SiteGrouchy481 18 6,0 [M4F] looking to go crazy or take things slow and fuck u like I love you

Hmu for my snap
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2021.10.20 02:57 BadaB00mBabay Так выглядит новая парадная форма сотрудниц Госнаркоконтроля Таджикистана. Ансамбль «Сёстры Бэдтриповы», так сказать.

Так выглядит новая парадная форма сотрудниц Госнаркоконтроля Таджикистана. Ансамбль «Сёстры Бэдтриповы», так сказать. submitted by BadaB00mBabay to NoLawRus [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 02:57 MrListerFunBuckle I think I accidentally disabled light overlay

I'm playing SkyFactory One (1.16). I don't get a light overlay when I press F7. All the other F-key hotkeys are working fine (e.g. F5 to change camera), so it's not an issue with my function keys. And F7 worked a couple of days ago when I was playing, and when I look at the commands, it's there.
I tried remapping it to a different key stroke and that doesn't work either, so I think I've somehow disabled the overlay.
Anyone know how to fix this?
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2021.10.20 02:57 DirtySoupspoon Clip of Hold Me In from Austin TX 10/19

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