Hi madam. I'm perfectly fine madam. I swear.

‎Control, configure and enjoy your ride! Cardo Connect is a comprehensive yet intuitive interface to manage and control your Cardo Packtalk and Freecom communication systems. Personalize your device, set all its various features and control it on the go with a clean, engaging and easy to use design.… perfectly unworthy of one. While enjoying a month of fine weather at the sea-coast, I was thrown into the company of a most fascinating ... madam, that she suddenly broke into a fury and leapt on my knees. I flung her back, and hastened to interpose the table between us. This proceeding aroused the whole hive: ‘Good Madam’ Review: Sharp South African Horror Film Probes the Darkness of Domestic Servitude Decades of dysfunctional race relations are compressed and twisted to eerie effect in Jenna Cato ... Best Dining in Bergen, Hordaland: See 50,171 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 453 Bergen restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. LUKA. / It isn't right, madam.... You're just destroying yourself. The maid and the cook have gone off fruit picking, every living being is rejoicing, even the cat understands how Early life. Emery was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the daughter of an aspiring actress from Charlottesville, Virginia and an advertising executive who worked in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.She attended Hollins College, where she planned to study painting, but became interested in drama classes instead because "they were having way more fun."After graduation she studied at the Circle in the ... Thick Madam: Anne Kansiime’s Fans Amazed by Her Bewitching Curves Months after Giving Birth Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 1:01 PM by Victor Otengo Anne Kansiime shared a photo looking glamorous in tight pants and a top that showed all her fine curves Black River Cheese. Established in Prince Edward County, Ontario in 1901, Black River Cheese is renowned for its passionate dedication to producing only the finest quality cheese, with a focus on natural and local ingredients.

2021.10.20 04:16 PoyoLocco Hi madam. I'm perfectly fine madam. I swear.

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2021.10.20 04:16 Sillybillysnail 3 years later! Welsh twin names?; Boy: Remus Bryn (nn: Remy)….. Girl: Wynne Eleri

After 3 years of trying, finally expecting twins!
(Our last name sounds a bit like Hudson/ hunter).
We would love;

Is Remus cruel? I love Harry Potter and We ar also Welsh with welsh family members. So really want welsh names since it’s really important to us.
We also want fairly gender neutral names/ nicknames so that our twins can feel like they can be whoever they want, inclusive, not defined by labels etc.
BUT also want names that aren’t too crazy!
Tell me what you think AND any suggestions would be welcome. What would you name boy+girl welsh twins!?
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2021.10.20 04:16 call911IfUSpillBeens Is Society just a religion? And is it impossible to be an Atheist?

From someone looking in, religions seems to be a collection of morals and according wrong/right things to do which appease to and/or are dictated by some kind of higher entity, usually a god or multiple gods.
Therefore is society not also a religion?
Even if everyone in a society was an atheist do they not act accordingly to what the society at large (the entity/god) considers to be good/bad?
Like the entity/god the society is not a physical thing, rather it's a concept that we believe in.
Criminals or psychopaths who commits the most heinous acts are still acting by what is right/wrong to them, in their case they're the entity/god and their religion is what they believe to be right (master morality swag)
If this is the case then is it impossible to be unreligious?
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2021.10.20 04:16 Linky_Linky How Shaq Broke The NBA 💪

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2021.10.20 04:16 BitterConclusion5610 Interesting progress

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2021.10.20 04:16 Alexjm_mobius (TF2) The True Power Of A Metal Gear Spy

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2021.10.20 04:16 likonma Reverse aging ash

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2021.10.20 04:16 TwoManFialaFanClub That's what I call the first lines coming through. (shame on Livesport for calling Ekker just Eriksson tho)

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2021.10.20 04:16 L1quidM3tal Shipping a tshirt from the us to uk

A potential who lives in the UK asked me about shipping to the UK from where I live in the US. I’ve never shipped an item outside of the country before so I’m not sure how much it will cost or what service to use. For reference the shirt is under 8oz I believe.
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2021.10.20 04:16 faulty19 Trading IA for the NFR albino monkey is a FR parrot IA for the 2 nfr fury Is parrot I don't offer

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2021.10.20 04:15 MediaTrafficOrg “In-N-Out Burger” Store Gets Shut Down; The Company Does Not Want To Enforce Covid Rules

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2021.10.20 04:15 airfox3522 Domestic violence against men is REAL!

She was released without bail too...
Instagram model Genie Exum stabs boyfriend in NYC pad: cops (nypost.com)
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2021.10.20 04:15 ratnaraj007 3 underrated eCommerce "Profit Multipliers" that needs your attention RIGHT NOW! (short, crisp, and to the point)

It's very common to see eCom brands and marketers usually focus on bringing more traffic when they need more revenue.
But there are some other factors which can easily help in increasing the revenue.
Those factors are 👇
  1. Average order value
  2. Purchase frequency
  3. Number of customers
Let's take an example
Customers: 1000
AOV: $50
Purchase frequency: 1.05
By multiplication, revenue is $52,500

Let's improve each factor by 20%
Customers: 1200
AOV: $60
Purchase frequency: 1.26
Multiplying revenue is $90,720
We just increased revenue by 72.8% after analyzing and improving each factor by only 20%

I see 90% of eCom brands & marketers focus mainly on bringing more traffic with the help of organic & paid ways.
Instead, we should focus on 👇
  1. Which factor moves the needle most at the moment?
  2. What's that low-hanging fruit which needs fewer efforts for improvement?
  3. What's that 20% factor which will give us an 80% of improvement in revenue?
So it's always good to take a broader approach, analyze data, find loopholes and improve it.
So don't just focus on only testing interests, creatives, ad structure, ABO, CBO, attribution window, detailed targeting expansions on/off, automatic/manual placements, and all those factors.
Definitely, these all are important. But are they really going to help you in solving the real issue?
It's always easy and better to optimize existing factors before focusing on new traffic.
What do you think? submitted by ratnaraj007 to shopify [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 04:15 bacon1989 Stalker (Сталкер/ ˈstaɫkʲer) 1979 Dir. By Andrei Tarkovsky Full Movie with English Subtitle

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2021.10.20 04:15 Present_Note895 Eric Zemmour sera ce matin au salon Milipol Paris

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2021.10.20 04:15 Gammagandalf91 Nudist camp watchtower, Germany, Solargraphy with 4 months exposure, selfmade camera from beer can, agfa photographic paper, aperture ~90

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2021.10.20 04:15 ConcupiscentLife2020 RANT Se poate sa nu mai fie publicate sondaje despre procentele probabile la alegeri? Mor oameni si intrebarea e cu cine votati duminica viitoare? De ce?

Vreau sondaj pe bune cu intrebarile:
Ce partid credeti ca actioneaza in prezent sa va protejeze viata?
Sunteti constient ca mor oameni azi in Romania ?
Stiti ca in functiile publice sunt membri de partid?
Sunteti constient ca nu doar partidul care are guvernul are membri de partid in functii publice?
Ce a facut primarul din localitatea ta in perioada asta de pandemie?
Il vei mai vota?
Ai incredere ca e interesat sa nu mori in mod prostesc?.
/RANT Nu suntem in campanie electorala! Suntem in criza sanitara. Suntem caz de studiu planetar cum de am reusit sa murim cand avem tratamente. Murim ca ala care citeste pe un robinet "monixid de dihidrogen potabil" si zice ca nu a gasit de unde sa bea apa.
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2021.10.20 04:15 f15k13 Suggest Quest 2 games

I just got gifted a Quest 2 and work just gave me a pretty big bonus! To reward myself for my hard work lately I'm gonna go on an Oculus spending spree.
I need you to suggest me games. I have no VR games, and the only VR experience I have as fucking about with an old DK2 in Elite Dangerous and VRChat, which was loads of fun but now I have the Quest.
Every VR game/experience you've ever enjoyed, even if it's pricy, or free, or requires complicated setup, as long as It runs on a Quest 2 without a pc link, I want you to suggest it to me. A little description of it would be nice too.
Keep in mind I have not experienced the vast majority of VR content, so feel free to recommend old, beaten to death content too. I have SideQuest, so that's on the table too. Just go wild, tell me about your favorite Quest stuff, classic Quest stuff, everything. Thank you so much for your help!
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2021.10.20 04:15 AnimeNightwingfucku Can anyone help me understand why the Camping Mod (v 1.12.2) doesn’t work with Pixelmon? I would really like to use the two together but it keeps crashing and I don’t know why. Is there something additional I have to download? Does anyone know?

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2021.10.20 04:15 nhavantuonglai Hồi phục khách sạn sau mùa dịch nhanh và hiệu quả như thế nào?

Tối ưu kênh bán phòng
Các khách sạn cần mở hết các kênh bán phòng trước đó tạm đóng, linh hoạt hơn trong cách bán phòng, nhằm tối ưu độ phủ, tăng nhận diện ở tất cả các kênh và hưởng lợi từ các chính sách khuyến mãi.
Ví dụ: cho phép hủy phòng sát ngày nhận, hỗ trợ xe trung chuyển từ sân bay về khách sạn… Để khách hàng dễ dàng, an tâm hơn khi đặt phòng.
Cơ cấu lại cách bán phòng
Khách sạn cần linh hoạt hơn, chuyển đổi cơ cấu, cách thức bán phòng, cũng như đáp ứng những nhu cầu thực tế của khách hàng nhằm đón đầu xu hướng, đảm bảo sự an toàn cho khách du lịch.
Ví dụ: cho thuê phòng dài hạn, xây dựng không gian phù hợp để làm việc, ứng dụng thanh toán không tiếp xúc…
Kích cầu, khuyến mãi
Khách sạn có thể xây dựng những chương trình kích cầu, tạo khuyến mãi vừa để giảm tải tài chính cho khách du lịch, vừa thu hút thêm lượt đặt phòng cho khách sạn.
Ví dụ: giảm sốc giá phòng, miễn phí dịch vụ, combo siêu tiết kiệm…
Tìm kiếm nguồn khách hàng tiềm năng, an toàn
Khách du lịch nội địa là nguồn khách hàng tiềm năng nhất, gần gũi về mặt văn hóa cũng như phong cách sống, việc đáp ứng yêu cầu và phục vụ sẽ dễ dàng hơn.
Khách du lịch quốc tế tuy đóng băng trong thời điểm hiện tại, nhưng nhiều quốc gia đang làm tốt công tác dập dịch, tiêm chủng như Úc, Trung Quốc. Hồng Kông… Theo dõi tình hình, đón đầu lượng khách quốc tế từ những quốc gia an toàn, sẽ gia tăng đáng kể doanh thu cho khách sạn của bạn.
Tối ưu, giải quyết vấn đề nhân sự sau mùa dịch
Khi dịch kết thúc, nhiều khách sạn chưa thể bù đắp lượng nhân sự thiếu hụt do cắt giảm trước đó. Để giải quyết, khách sạn cần có chiến lược phù hợp, đảm bảo quyền lợi cho người lao động lẫn quá trình vận hành.
Nếu kiêm nhiệm, hãy tùy thuộc vào năng lực, nhiệm vụ được phân công, như lễ tân kiêm nhiệm dọn dẹp, hoặc bán phòng; kế toán kiêm nhiệm lễ tân...
Thuê mặt bằng, khách sạn giá tốt trước khi dịch kết thúc
Nếu bạn chưa có mặt bằng, hãy tìm kiếm, thuê lại khách sạn giá tốt khi người khác thanh lý cắt lỗ hoặc đang tìm chủ quản lý.
Hãy theo dõi các group kinh doanh, khởi nghiệp khách sạn để cập nhật, tham khảo thông tin khách sạn thanh lý để lựa chọn. Tìm đúng khách sạn có tiềm năng sẽ giúp bạn tiết kiệm một khoản kha khá trong chiến lược kinh doanh của mình.
Duy trì Marketing trong mọi tình huống
Marketing khách sạn cần thực hiện trong và sau dịch để đem lại hiệu quả khi hồi phục hoạt động.
Trong mùa dịch, hãy duy trì các kênh truyền thông như website, fanpage và cập nhật thông tin thường xuyên, để giữ thứ hạng trên các công cụ tìm kiếm được ổn định và không sụt giảm.
Sau mùa dịch, hãy nhanh nhạy cập nhật thông tin mở cửa, và tạo ra những gói kích cầu, khuyến mãi để thu hút, tăng sự chú ý.
Sử dụng giải pháp công nghệ để vận hành hiệu quả hơn
Việc sử dụng các giải pháp công nghệ như Blue Jay PMS đem lại nhiều lợi ích cụ thể, có giá trị cho khách sạn như:

Blue Jay PMS đã, và đang cam kết đồng hành cùng khách sạn bằng chính sách miễn phí sử dụng từ đây đến hết năm 2021.
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2021.10.20 04:15 Sauce_Faucet32 My new Genesis Gorilla from Great Ape Society 🔥🦍🦍

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2021.10.20 04:15 -potatoes-and-gravy- who has an ACTUAL discord server?

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2021.10.20 04:15 morcille !𐊀ᛚ ƨ'ǝʜƧ

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2021.10.20 04:15 redlittle17 Perfect size

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2021.10.20 04:15 ArthurBCole PepBut!

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