New here...but family friend freaked me out while SUPER stoned.

2021.10.20 03:10 FoxWolfFrostFire New here...but family friend freaked me out while SUPER stoned.

So, there I was. Still groggy from waking up. Weekend, with no where to be. I say to me self "let's get REALLY FUCKED UP"
two back to back fully packed Bong rips into some vape later I'm rummaging through the fridge and grab a coke and start back to my room, when a family friend happen to be over and in a stone dead serious voice says "Are you dreaming?" Because they noticed how groggy I still kinda looked.
It gave me a 30 second existential crisis as my brain basically had rebooted itself to make sure I was infact awake.
Anyways don't know if this was the right place to post this story, but felt like it would be fun to share my biggest moment of paranoia
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2021.10.20 03:10 ThePastOfMyFuture STFU please!! 😊✌🏾

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2021.10.20 03:10 Xano501 After updated, I can't play Fortnite Mobile even I disabled developer option.

First, I disabled USB Debugging before play. I can't enter game before it ask to disable the developer option. But when I disabled developer option, it's not letting me play again.
So how I can solve about USB Debugging? My phone is Xiaomi Black Shark 1 SD 845 SKR-A0.
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2021.10.20 03:10 amynivenskane Meirl

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2021.10.20 03:10 pfost7 [US][BUYING] Tokyo ghoul manga box set (NOT RE)

Hey everyone! I've really been trying hard to find this box set complete for a while.
Hope anyone can help!
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2021.10.20 03:10 laQuantum ruirui | Foreground Eclipse - Truths, Ironies, The Secret Lyrics [Don’t Stop ‘Cause This Party’s All We’ve Got] (Seni | 8.18★) 98.40% FC #11 | 720pp | 91.05 UR

ruirui | Foreground Eclipse - Truths, Ironies, The Secret Lyrics [Don’t Stop ‘Cause This Party’s All We’ve Got] (Seni | 8.18★) 98.40% FC #11 | 720pp | 91.05 UR submitted by laQuantum to osugame [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 03:10 GuyPalmer6 When someone asks if Bladerunner 2049 is good.

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2021.10.20 03:10 MarxistMommyMilkers I can't believe so many people don't actually plan their halloween costumes months in advance so they can look for their costume pieces when doing their usually thrifting. Some of y'all need to step up your game tbh

Like some of these were a little bit of a pain to find but I've had my costume ready since September, dyed and cut my hair for it yesterday, and the last thing I need to pick up is the makeup
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2021.10.20 03:10 DecThaWinter14 BATTLE ROUND 3: "hide your pain harold "

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2021.10.20 03:10 MrHank2 Non of my new prints work on the z axis

The new prints that I slice don’t work on the z axis but the old ones that I have had downloaded for a while work fine. I have tried to make a new printer profile and it didn’t help.
Btw, I am using a ender 3 pro and cura
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2021.10.20 03:10 DominicDennis52 (OC)

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2021.10.20 03:10 crazynuzza How Upwork is killing your business

Here is the story that would be useful for many of us. A story is about having 5 stars review from every single client for several years – and still getting incredibly low success-score due to Upwork policy and their bad algorithms – thus having a ruined profile. Having zero help from Upwork staff, no matter how many years and efforts you have put into it. Beware of it – take some precautions, use all of existing platforms, diversify between them equally, start your own personal brand and work outside of freelance platforms, think twice if you want to spend years on building your Upwork profile. It can be ruined randomly and you have no way to prevent it. Screenshot: Long-read: I’ve been working in freelance for more than 15 years. I’ve been working on both oDesk and eLance long before Upwork was created by them joining together. Freelance was never an important source of income for me, I usually made it to keep my head fresh and not to waste my developer skills (I’m mostly doing management work in my daily job). I’ve got pretty all-round expertise from marketing and management to developing, from frontend to highload backends. I worked on most popular chat apps and on enterprise solutions for world biggest telecom companies. I grew from Flash development back in early 2000s to building breakthrough VR solutions nowadays. I’m really way not an immodest person, but fact is that my background and expertise are really among the top freelancers on the market. I’ve got several profiles on several platforms for different areas of my work. I’m also working as a client on the Upwork, both with my personal account and managing hires for several other companies, spending >$100k total on the platform. I see the picture from quite a lot of different sides. All of these helps me to make client projects succeed even if it harms my own earnings. Often, I find a much easier, better, cheaper solution for a client, even when I won’t be involved in the execution. I’ve got my ups and downs but I believe this is the best strategy in long run – and clients really appreciate it. I’ve been wearing “Top Rated” badge all the time. Just read any review on my page to get the idea. “Dmitry was a great contractor to work with. He is great at his work, thinks out of the box, and is not hesitant to suggest alternative ways to complete things if he sees a better way. He is also incredibly patient and understanding! I would definitely recommend him as first-choice. Would hire again without question.” Many may not understand how difficult it’s actually is. You should do 200% of what you’ve been asked and agreed, should work a lot of extra hours, have hundreds of sleepless nights, should think for the client, solve his problems and not yours, but it is the only actual way to have every single of them happy. But sometimes even this is not enough: During my whole career, I got only one not completely satisfied partner, in a very controversial case, where client insisted to have much of additional work done for free (> 100 additional work hours!). After months of work and negotiations I finally refused and got my 3.5/5 score. I got the platform point then – there are two sides and it’s actually good that Upwork is not choosing any of the sides – but makes each of the parties score each other. Since then I’ve started to choose my clients even more carefully. I know how rating system works and I don’t want to mess up a single project due to miscommunication with a client. I decline around 95% of incoming project requests, with risk of miscommunication being the most popular reason. If rules were different and risks would be way lower, me and many other freelancers would definitely take much more of the projects and the platform would earn more. However, things are way worse. Last month I got a non-perfect accidental score from my only client. This was a complete confusion and misunderstanding problem, we communicated for few minutes and client changed his review immediately. Here is his review with 5/5 mark. We are still working with him by the way: “Dmitry is one of the most well-rounded and talented people I have worked with. Went above and beyond initially to help with the project and provide advice outside of what was required. Has helped to bring my project from concept to playable prototype very quickly. Highly recommend” However – the system now scores me with 81% success score. It literally means I ruin every one of five my projects, take client money and run away with client money and project not being completed. Both me and client contacted Upwork support service – they told me its how system works – and everything would be fixed in the next Sunday when JSS (job success score) would be updated. However, nothing changed then. I literally have every single project for 2 years (actually much more than this, but JSS is looking for recent 2 years only) with a 5 mark and excellent review from client. But Upwork says that if you sum all 5/5 marks you get 81% by some miracle. Client contacted them, tried to call them and “got into a cussing match with the rep, they basically told me to f**k off” (client quote). They also approved in chat and on phone that if you just misclick the mark button accidentally – you don’t have any way to change it later. Actually, you can just click “submit” and forget (or don’t know) that you should click on the stars first. Yes – you can edit your review in public view, but your original score would remain in the system forever (they name it “private review”) and it could not be changed - neither by user, neither by support, neither by their engineers. It’s just impossible. Upwork representatives literally say – our code works this way and it can ruin any of your profiles at any time and we are not going to help you in this case – no matter how good you are, how many years you spent on the platform or how satisfied your clients are. Yes, 100% of your clients are satisfied. By our patented “Job Success Score” says its only 80%, and we would not change it. That’s how things are. So, client immediately closed his Upwork profile and took all of his projects to alternative platforms. As for me - I’m not here to cry and persuade everyone to ruin Upwork business. I really love Upwork platform and appreciate what they’ve been doing for the industry all these years. I really love freelance community and most of the platforms. They are really doing a big thing and give great opportunities for millions of people worldwide. I’m also transferred my own business into 100% remote work - I no longer have any people in staff but hire freelancers our outsource companies. I really believe in this approach and happy with the results. Thank you Upwork and other platforms for such an opportunity! However, dear Upwork, I insist that putting your policy above the clients and above freelancers – is harmful for all of us. Harmful for Upwork business, harmful for the industry, harmful for the people. Millions of people worldwide are much less financially protected than me, and by such policy you are literally ruining people lives. People from countries like Bangladesh or India have much more competition around, they need to spend even more efforts to achieve similar results. But if they get in similar situations – they would be thrown years behind, their earnings would drop to zero. The only reasonable way is that clients should judge freelancers, not Upwork. Upwork, please understand it!
And as of us, freelancers and clients – I really advice everyone not to invest much into single platform, especially Upwork with their incredibly strange policy and support service. 1) Diversify between platforms! Start right now – and register at all the platforms, there are lists here on Reddit: Yes, Upwork is still #1 in many fields, but it’s #1 just because we invest our time into it, not vice versa. Support other platforms and they will grow quickly. There are already cool projects on the market - like Toptal or Upstack and many others. Let’s give’em a chance! 2) Spread your projects equally between the platforms. Have multiple accounts on those platforms, which policy allows it. Communicate your clients, explain the situation and ask them to switch to your less noted profile. 3) Try to work with your previous clients directly. No, do not ask your new clients to go to direct payments – that’s illegal due to platform policy and is way too risky for both parties. But its absolutely ok to contact your previous clients occasionally, remind them about yourself and offer new projects. Sign a contract and just transfer money to your bank account. It’s very easy and a thing that is required to be done! 4) Grow your personal brand. Create a website, copy reviews to the page, have direct links to your freelance profiles on different platforms. Do the same on your LinkedIn, Facebook profile. Spend some little of your budget to advertise it. 5) Make a company. Either yourself or join with other freelancers. Try advertising yourself via context-ads or even direct ads. You can start with very little budgets to experiment with this things. It’s difficult to start – but not impossible. On a long run – you can really grow your revenue stream from this. 6) Little by little – but try to reduce outsource work and build something on your own that can be monetized. You have limited number of hours in a week – and you can not scale it. So think how to do something once and sell it forever. I’m not talking about building a unicorn startup – but there are tons of ways - you can do some opensource projects, you can create a paid plugin for some developer tool, start your devblog on youtube or find any marketplace and publish something on it, options are growing year to year.
And as for Upwork - I really hope they will fix their policy before they will lose all of their marketshare completely. Times are much different now, it’s not a monopoly like it was ten years ago. Great freelancers – are your only power. You depend on us, not we depend on you. Thanks for reading this up to the end, Best regards, Dmitry
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2021.10.20 03:10 XxMARKY95xX Your kidding me... right Nintendo? 😔

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2021.10.20 03:10 OG_MoneyBagss New to NFT Space -Enlighten me!

New to the NFT space.
Current holding: •Platy Punk •Badass Bull •Rugged Mugs •Tie Dye Ninjas •Crazy Panther Party •Pork1984
I wanna hear from the community! What’s the next goldmine project? Why? Are you a part of any projects?
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2021.10.20 03:10 TomWankhede Making millions of perfect bubbles...

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2021.10.20 03:10 Durutti1936 Torn Between A Socom with a BlackFeather Stock Or An AR-10 With A 16 inch Barrel.

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2021.10.20 03:10 xkimo1990 r/nintendoswitch moderators are elitist jerks

I asked why I could not find an original joycon grip anywhere in stores or even online for sale. And they deleted my thread and the reason was cut off in my messages and could not be open.
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2021.10.20 03:10 Nvmb1ng Anyone else think we will see a big dip at around $3 and then a breakout?

Thinking of selling around $3 and then buying more shares if it drops. would having more shares with a higher average be less effective than keeping my current XXXX shares at 1.78 average?
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2021.10.20 03:10 g4m3f33d Fortnite: Graveyard Drift Mission Pack, All Details - Spiel Times

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2021.10.20 03:10 woodtipwine i let my dog out like 45 minutes ago and i have spent the past half hour searching for Dva because I thought she also slipped outside… nope. she was just hiding :’)

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2021.10.20 03:10 boipokeokie How to get a date in college

I'm 22 yrs in college. Looking for women to date or relationship. I have never dated or been in a relationship in the past. So don't have any experience.
I was always scared to asking anyone out as I thought I would be harassing them or they would file a complaint/case against me. I not shy or anything, lowkey really confident abt stuff but not at asking anyone out whom I have been attracted too.
Back in high school, I got to know few girls liked me after yrs of them mentioning it to someone or after I finished. I moved to a different country so couldn't do anything there.
Been 3 yrs in college, never got to know if anyone who liked me. Also, in a CS program so not many women. Even though there are some women in the program. I don't want to bother them considering that so much needs to be done to make these programs inclusive. The last thing I would want is to approach them in class or school related event, they already have so much to fight so much in this male dominated industry. So the last thing they would want is a guy creeping or bothering them in class by asking them out.
I'm not the most good looking, wear big nerdy glasses. Can't get eye surgery, there are none for my kinda issue. So have to wear them. I'm not the most athletic person, but no obese either. Somewhere in the middle. I dress and smell nicely as well. I do play sports tennis, volleyball, and soccer. I'm also have leadership positions on campus. So its not like I have a social skills problem.
The thing kinda scares me is I'm 22 and never even dated anyone. I have never actually been on a date. I do want to find a date or start dating and it kinda scared one then once I graduate I won't even have a place to meet women. I thought college would be a place where I could still meet a S.o consdering last thing I want at work is being a jerk for asking women out.
I know my face is ugly, heard it from some women as well. Can't do much about. I do take care of my skin and body but can't change stuff. Also, I realized if women only considered guys for their looks then half the guys in the world would die single. So I know there is hope.
Some people would say I'm one of those niceguys. I don't think I'm typical niceguy who would do everything nice for a women just to get screwed over. I'm generally nice to both men and women but if I feel they are gonna screw me over, I will without hesitation dip.
I wanted advice on how to make women feel comfortable being approached by a guy? More specifically in college coming from a brown nerdy guy. I have my last year left hoping to find someone while I'm in close proximity to women.
I have heard women say they don't want to date guys who don't have experiences. How do I overcome this?
Also, I'm a broke college students so want advice that is affordable lol. Can't get that gucci jacket untill I start making the tech money.
P.s before someone asks I have never used dating apss cause I never thought my pictures would be liked by anyone.
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2021.10.20 03:10 TheDancingMaster Yes We Will! (2008, based off a Campaign Trail game I played)

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2021.10.20 03:10 EstarPlatinado About the next 4 Paths in Elsword

Hello everyone, i was wondering what are the coming 4 paths to the game, i have a certain money in the bank and i'm going to spend it in a good costume set, but i don't know if it is worthy to spend it in PO (my main) or wait for the next Add Path, the thing is i don't have the info when him arrives to the game, so if he's going to be late (like 1 year) i will spend the money in PO, but if he comes early this remaining 2 months then i will spending on him.
¡I will appreciate the info, you guys have it!
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2021.10.20 03:10 trebletrouble66 Win 1400 SOL (over $210 000) after launch Giveaways

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2021.10.20 03:10 newsdk Tiltale: 20-årig udsatte kvinde for vold over flere dage

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