It's not like I'm complaining

2021.10.20 04:49 RetroPixelDoggo It's not like I'm complaining

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2021.10.20 04:49 Stupid15yoSlut so stoned, i got goldfish memory

literally thought about the word ass and now i cant think about anything else. fuck
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2021.10.20 04:49 Scuba_Dez Cursed comment regarding covid 19 treatment tubes

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2021.10.20 04:49 Zenloks1735 What is a hyperfixation?

is it when you rapidly breath in and breath out due to something???, i keep seeing it every where can someone explain?
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2021.10.20 04:49 CerebralGladiator When a Karen meets a Karen

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2021.10.20 04:49 LeonJoshua__ What is the process of sound samples?

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2021.10.20 04:49 l_maf Think about it!

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2021.10.20 04:49 Top-Credit-3335 First dress any thoughts

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2021.10.20 04:49 TerribleTechnician45 Can Necrons blink? In this episode of adeptus ridiculous, bricky at one point has a quote from a book in which Nemesor Zahndrek winks to Oberon suggesting that he is secretly fully aware of him not being flesh and blood anymore and is just doing the dementia thing for the laughs or something, but like how tf does a necron wink without eyelids? necron face
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2021.10.20 04:48 ChrystianJaymes I need some advice for my island

I don’t have photos, because it’s atrocious right now.
I’ve been debating whether or not to completely restart my island or not. My sister played on it for a bit, has a house, I want it gone. My resident services is offset to my airport, and I cannot for the life of me get a decent entry. I don’t mind having to move villagers houses, as I island hop a lot and get “foreign” trees and such to sell, so I’m pretty loaded. I also have quite a few desirable villagers, namely audie, for one, and beau. I don’t want to lose them, but I HATE how my island looks right now.
Are there any ways to have a decent entry even with my RS being off-center?
I played new leaf, very briefly when I was younger, and I don’t think I got very far, so this is technically my first time playing it, and I’m trying to learn through YouTube and self teaching, but, it is the one thing that’s bothering me the most. If only we could move our RS building 😅
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2021.10.20 04:48 ScreenCuisine Am I doing it right? Help

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So terribly beyond sad that the season is over but The after-credits “Easter egg” (as Freddy calls them) for this episode is amazing and I hope that everyone listens to it now if they have not already.
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2021.10.20 04:48 destincarl Nike Girls Printed Jacket $15 at Finish Line

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2021.10.20 04:48 azazrieldazriel dere he iz

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2021.10.20 04:48 SabaKuHS Jotunheim (IT/EN) Eu server right now..

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2021.10.20 04:48 TheMayMayMakers Ill bring extra nerf darts, (Post by u/RegularNoodles)

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2021.10.20 04:48 CrazyValley Assasin WW, lets gooooo!!

I don't think it would be a reliable option to build this mythic, because lethality is not that good on WW. BUT, it would have been hillarious either way to reduce ult cd with that insane amount.
Axiom Arc
55 Attack Damage
10 Lethality
25 Ability Haste
Refresh: Whenever a Champion dies within 3 seconds of having a damaged them, refund 25% of your Ultimate Ability’s TOTAL cooldown
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2021.10.20 04:48 teverules What model of trumpet is this? ID

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2021.10.20 04:48 WhaleMoustache What is everyone's theories about what happened with Sally-Ann?

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2021.10.20 04:48 mallople34 Ya miss me?

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2021.10.20 04:48 DrPinguin_ Mini unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung für USBGerät unter 1w

Hi, seit ein paar Wochen habe ich jetzt eine kleine CO2Ampel von TFA die super funktioniert aber leider keine Backupbatterie für Stromausfall etc verbaut hat - d.h. wenn das Gerät auch nur 3 Sekunden ohne Strom ist springt die Uhrzeit wieder auf 0:00 und der Verlauf ist weg. Das Gerät zieht nie mehr als unter 1w daher muss es doch möglich sein so eine Notstromversorgung ohne weiteres nachzurüsten. Ich fürchte eine normale Powerbank 24/7 am Strom zu haben ist nicht so schlau - könnt ihr mir ein angemessenes USB-Ladegerät bzw Zwischenstecker dafür empfehlen? Viel finden konnt ich bisher leider nicht, da ich wirklich kein 100000mah Notstrommodul mit 230v brauche.
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2021.10.20 04:48 Zadok_The_Priest Do you have RV parking at your house?

Coming to Las Vegas for the month of November and Thanksgiving. Willing to pay for a place where we can park and live in our motorhome. Prefer the north west quadrant of the city at Centennial Hills area. Full hookups not required, just electricity. Just me and my wife. No pets, no smoking, no parties, no drugs.
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2021.10.20 04:48 mylo_alts Favorite Josh A / Lil Revive Album/Song

My Favorite Song Is Goner and Tell The Reaper I’m Sorry
My Favorite Josh A Song is Flexorict because I can relate to the song and Loner Gang.
Also You can do IamJakehill Favorite songs/album
Mine is Who Am I? and Also Dying Lately
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2021.10.20 04:48 fotomoose I once met an Olympian athlete.

I asked him - Are you a pole vaulter? He replied - No, I'm German but how did you know my name is Walter?
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2021.10.20 04:48 Sushruth_PES Are y'all moving to r/eFootball when eFootball 22 is released?

Or are you just gonna stay here. Just curious.
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