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E o Natal?

2021.11.27 14:33 baixotu E o Natal?

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2021.11.27 14:33 MasterpieceNo3330 How can I get rid of this stain ?

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2021.11.27 14:33 jonezytown I’ve always wanted a Teddy Fresh toque and it finally came in the mail today!

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2021.11.27 14:33 sigmarumberogen Te regalaste

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2021.11.27 14:33 lighterfluid1543 Some pages in a book I have reminded me of red dead

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2021.11.27 14:33 the_awesome_bub Thanks I hate rocket league

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2021.11.27 14:33 Business_Ad4937 Modern Glass Lamp Lights | #youtubeshorts #shorts #viral | YouTube Viral...

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2021.11.27 14:33 Kevin_DurSuperTeam Bill Simmons on Anthony Davis: AD in 2nd half of 2017-18 season was Duncan 2.0 and the highest-ceiling power forward probably ever from a skills/athleticism/hoops IQ 2-way standpoint. Heavier/bulkier/stronger AD doesn’t seem like quite the same guy to me.

Quoted in this tweet was a tweet by Kirk Goldsberry in which he said:
Anthony Davis made 1 of his 12 jumpers last night as Lakers lost to Kings. Out of 56 players who have attempted at least 150 jumpers this season, he ranks last in efficiency, averaging just 0.71 points per shot.
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2021.11.27 14:33 Shayaan_F Hoh Rainforest In Washington DC, United States

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2021.11.27 14:33 mahdigorbe سلام بر ممبران عزیز لطفا به من پیام بدید تا مادریتور گوربای سیتی شوید و فقط هم ۳ نفر مادریتور میشوند

رئیس گوربای گنگیان
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2021.11.27 14:33 infoday_us QAnon Believers Rattled After Kyle Rittenhouse Calls Extremist Lawyer Lin Wood ‘Insane’

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2021.11.27 14:33 cutie_tita Selling 2 Tickets for Dec 6 (NY)

Unfortunately me and my boyfriend won’t be able to make it! DM if interested :)
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2021.11.27 14:33 J-kiggs Natty or not?

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2021.11.27 14:33 Low_Specific1523 Trying to put my Christmas tree without losing a finger because of this booger

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2021.11.27 14:33 evann0 saati was a mistake.

who the actual fuck thought it would be a good idea to add invisibility decoy spam to the game?
and now she's an instaban in ranked, great.
seriously, WHO asked for buffs for snotty- i mean saati? who????? she's fucking broken broken damage broken invis shitty decoys that have aim assist for some reason so you can't even aim at her because aa drags your screen to her decoys. this is exactly why we need to stop getting so many champions. every single champ added this year has been stupidly overpowered at launch. literally. every. single. champ.
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2021.11.27 14:33 JardsonJean Eu valorizo muito quem sabe falar "não"

Talvez eu não tenha percebido muito isso na adolescência, porque eu sempre fui muito antissocial (continuo sendo), mas parece que as pessoas tem um problema sério na hora de falar um "não". Por algum motivo esquisito, algumas pessoas simplesmente preferem fazer malabarismo na hora de recusar ou negar algo e isso me incomoda MUITO.

Um colega me disse que não curtia que um cara que ele pegou há um tempo atrás ficava insistindo e dando corda para ele nas redes sociais. Segundo ele, não tinha mais clima. Eu perguntei se ele já tinha falado que não estava a fim e ele falou: "Eu não curto fazer isso. Eu não quero ser a pessoa que corta o barato dos outros. Eu não dou atenção para ele de volta, ele já deveria ter notado".
Minha teoria sobre isso é: a pessoa do outro lado está genuinamente a fim e não faz a menor ideia de se ainda tem chance ou não. O pouco de chance que ela acha que tem, ela está apostando. Se você não quer, re-cu-se. É simples. Isso não vai fazer de você um monstro, especialmente se você comunicar o seu ponto (nem que seja dando uma desculpa esfarrapada). Se a pessoa do outro lado não conseguir entender nem isso, então o problema realmente é com ela. Mas até você comunicar e esclarecer que NÃO quer algo, você não pode esperar que a pessoa compreenda isso por osmose, pelo ar.
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2021.11.27 14:33 Charming_Reporter_18 Is romance dead?

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2021.11.27 14:33 Fixitmax He sure will....

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2021.11.27 14:33 emojesuss Guitar Fight, Good Sleepy, Gwuak, Twin Brook, So So in Providence tonight!

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2021.11.27 14:33 GaryHippo What is r/casualnintendo's favourite Nintendo franchise? The Tournament! (Winner's Bracket: Semi Final: Group 1)

This is the forty-first of forty-seven polls in which casualnintendo users can vote for their favourite Nintendo franchise out of thirty two options. I have taken the thirty two best selling Nintendo franchises (according to vgsales.fandom.com) and put them in a randomiser, making sixteen groups of two franchises. Users can vote for which franchise they prefer, and the franchise with the least votes will be eliminated from the tournament, EXCEPT for in the first Round of 32, in which the losing franchise will be placed into a separate bracket, making it a double elimination tournament. The winner of the first bracket and the winner of the second bracket will eventually face in the Ultimate Final, where the final winner will be decided. Two polls will be posted each day, except for when the tournament reaches the Ultimate Final, which will have an entire day to itself. Each poll has one day of voting time. The only franchise I have split into different series is Mario, as the Mario franchise covers many different genres. The groups for the current bracket are as follows:
Winner's Bracket- Semi Final
Group 1
Mario Kart Super Mario (Platforming series only)
Group 2
Metroid The Legend of Zelda
Happy voting everyone, and feel free to discuss you're votes and opinions in the comments.
View Poll
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2021.11.27 14:33 sirnewton91 Shiny Flaffys for trade

Hey I caught a few extra flaffys wondering what others wanna trade
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2021.11.27 14:33 cryptid Utah's Aerial Anomalies: Flying Giant Manta Rays, Winged Humanoids & Monster Birds

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2021.11.27 14:33 TyquanWorldMessi Promoting the jab, dying of it, then having your child announce it on Twitter… Sad

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2021.11.27 14:33 UnderstandingLumpy I come to home depot quite frequently and the guy parks like this every day

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2021.11.27 14:33 VioletOrigami DC: Earth Infinity [Advanced Literate]

『 The Age of Heroes has returned, and with it comes the rise of unspeakable horrors. While enemies near and far plot to destroy, conquer, or transform this limitless dimension into their greatest triumph, far more sinister entities linger still on the boundaries of infinity.』
Earth Infinity is not your typical literate rp. You'll never feel lost, confused, or left out. We utilize professional storytelling elements to deliver an experience rarely found anywhere, and with a community that's been rping together for over two years, we guarantee a foundation that's just as solid as it is open to newcomers. That's just the start. We have assistants to help craft stories tailored to you, professional writers who can help you improve in prose, style, and storytelling, and cross-media platforms that will. Blow. Your. Mind.
-> OCs are allowed!
Popular Characters Available: Aquaman, Green Lantern, Lady Shiva, Starfire, Madame Xanadu, Mera, Superboy, Killer Frost, Vixen, and more!
-> DM for details!
A few pieces from our posts, if it helps:

Sinking into her bracers, Diana fought for her life.
More than her life: each snap of her arm and crack of the lasso was a strike in defense of democracy, of justice and peace, of the message she had fought so hard in the desert to protect. She was fighting for the republic that she loved.
Away from the weaving network of bullets and fire, Sarah blinked and rubbed her eyes again. Maybe she was still a bit flash-blind—the Amazon seemed to be fading in and out of existence, half swallowed by a thickening black haze in which danced hundreds of armor-piercing rounds. Diana pressed back the volley with a relentless straight-ahead march; her arms, those distinctive silver bracers that had been forged from metals belonging to gods, made a haze of their own: an oblate sphere of luster within which there seemed to be dozens of shields blocking in all directions at once.
A sprout of gold whipped out and slashed apart the catwalks that Sarah’s men stood on—starting from the outermost edges and working in. But the mercenaries took up new positions, shot off more bursts of fire, and the Amazon was forced to weave nets of silver that caught the superheated metal in exchanges so fast that Sarah could not see them without TX-120—
But she could feel them in the air.
Flak sparked and flew and crashed around them, breaking up and ricocheting off Diana’s bracers at lethal speeds.
More than that Sarah could feel how Diana cared less and less about collateral damage; she could feel fury spray into those Amazon arms through some war-crazed instinct abscessed in her heart. There was no restraint here.
Diana of Themyscira was cutting loose.
Diana fell deep in it now: submerged in her demigod blood, swallowed by it, she no longer existed as an independent being.
The lightning coursing through her veins sizzles with hate, but that hate is a channel that flows both ways. She accepted the furious conviction of Sarah’s men, drew the whole world’s rage and power into her inmost center— And let it fountain out again.
There was a time Diana had feared the power of war; there was a time when she had feared the darkness in herself. But the world had forced her to understand: on that airstrip where she watched Steve go up in flames, she had faced her darkness and had learned that its power is not to be feared. She had learned that it is fear that gives the darkness power.
She was not afraid. The darkness had no power over her. But—
Neither did she have power over it. Diana reflected the fury upon its source as a bracer redirects a bullet, and the warehouse—no, Diana—exploded in gold.
He reached into a pocket. Drew out a handful of dried myrtle; he barely managed to crush it between his palms before it was soggy and the wind more stole it away than his breath releasing it, but it would have to do. Maybe it meant the incantation was sloppy. Maybe it wouldn’t work. All the ‘maybe’s didn’t matter. Closing his eyes, he opened his mind. Moved his hands in the air, tracing the appropriate sigils. It had to be done. Had to. The chant on his lips burned like a hot coal against the dispassionate cold of the rain crashing against every inch of him. “I beseech thee, O Matarael--” He licked rainwater from his lips where water was obscuring his words. “--principality of the rain upon this, the--” Spat rainwater from his lips.”--Earth made by the hands of the Almighty, in recognition of hi--” Spat again. “--in recog--”
Another roaring wave of rain crashed against him, nearly knocking him off-balance and changing his incantation to only a spray of water from his lips. He spluttered, shaking his head dog-like, as the smoke and fire of his fury built in the back of his throat.
“Oh, knock it off, you six-winged bastard!” He bellowed into the storm. “I wanted to be polite about it and call you down with a nice English prayer, but if this is how yer gonna play it, I swear I will drag your ass down here by force, you arrogant, smug cu--”
The rain hit him like a freight train. His shoes, already sopping, finally gave way on the patio and slipped out from under him, rendering him a soggy coughing puddle and flat on his back to boot. He blinked. Groaned from the impact as his overtaxed lungs tried to pull the air back in, heavy with water...and unmoving. He shook himself for the nth time. The rain had stopped. The wind had stopped. For all the world, it was as though reality had been paused like a cassette tape.
“I don’t know where to begin with you, John Constantine.” The voice burbled and bubbled before resolving into a creamy bass; the kind that wouldn’t have been out of place on an R&B album. “With your arrogance, your impudence, or your ingratit--”
“--save the preaching for the pulpit,” grunted John. He hauled himself to his feet, clutching at the cold, wet patio railing in time to see the last of the raindrops over the ocean coalesce into the shape of a man, short and stocky and heavy with as much muscle as fat, all compressed under a sharp slate-grey pinstripe suit. John stared it down as it floated over to sit on the railing beside him, swinging its legs like a preschooler. “Matarael, yeah?”
“In the physical,” replied the angel simply. “And I’m only a principality, John. I don’t have six wings.”
Curled beneath her sheets, cozily reading through one of the many novels she'd collected over the last few months, Raven felt thoroughly at peace. There was something uniquely satisfying about voluntary solitude, something Raven had first noticed during the early days of her time with the Titans. It was different from regular isolation. Before the team, Earth had been a nomadic experience for the wayward witch, flitting from perch to perch without ever resting her wings. Raven had grown quietly accustomed to her seclusion, and any loneliness was swiftly buried just like the rest of her feelings whenever they arose unchecked. Since then, though, Raven could admit to herself that she was comforted in the knowledge that company was within her reach, even if she didn't always desire to reach for it. Tonight was one of those nights, safe and snug within the candlelit sanctuary of her room and entirely content to ignore the world for a while. So of course the world came knocking. Or rather, tapping. What Raven had hoped was either a very large bug or a very stupid bird was instead a very intentional ploy to draw her attention. Reluctantly, she pulled away from the captivating paragraphs in her hands to aim an uncaring glare at the offending noise. 'Tis some visitor, she mused dryly as she rose from her bed, reaching out with her empathy to discern who or what awaited her outside.
Anxiety. Defensiveness. Brashness. Textbook Terra, and yet not somehow. Over time, Raven had grown to consider her troublesome teammate someone decently likable... so long as one ignored almost everything that Terra said and did. It was a strange philosophy, yet nearly all of the geomancer's words and actions were combative, either openly or passively, figuratively or literally depending on the context. They were walls, obviously, tall and thick and guarding something precious behind layers of constant angst and aggression. Raven had peeked through them purely out of optimistic spite, sensed that precious vulnerability Terra was so eager to protect, and decided to sympathize with it as best she could.
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