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Grippo, the blue-eyed Dachshund. Not a desirable breed trait, but I think he's beautiful.

2021.11.27 13:45 -Chrysocyon- Grippo, the blue-eyed Dachshund. Not a desirable breed trait, but I think he's beautiful.

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2021.11.27 13:45 JauneArk Augment mod idea for Lavos

The augment mod would basically add Saryn's Toxic Lash to his 4. Everytime Transmutation Probes is cast, his weapons deal the imbued damage type for a few seconds with 100% status chance.
Thoughts? I'm not good with power balancing.
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2021.11.27 13:45 KyBBN Louisville Football - Can I bring a blanket?

Hello, all. Would someone be able to confirm whether I can bring a blanket into Cardinal Stadium. Thank you very much!!
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2021.11.27 13:45 jump_farr78 From her photo shoot… good lord.

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2021.11.27 13:45 PyroRider Mikrotik RB3011 and telephones?

Hi, can I use telephones with the mikrotik rb3011 router? Is there any way to get a TAE or ISDN connection from it?
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2021.11.27 13:45 AntmanIV My dad made this awesome optical illusion charcuterie board for our in-laws this Thanksgiving.

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2021.11.27 13:45 lookaroundandsmile Ignition relay help

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2021.11.27 13:45 Randompunkt Eftermatchtråd - 27 november

Lag Resultat
Luleå HF - IF Malmö Redhawks 4 - 0
Djurgårdens IF - Örebro HK 0 - 3
Rögle BK - Leksands IF 1 - 4
Färjestad BK - Växjö Lakers HC 4 - 3 (SL)
Brynäs IF - Frölunda HC
Linköping HC - Timrå IK
IK Oskarshamn - Skellefteå AIK
Lag Resultat
Södertälje SK - Mora IK 1 - 2
Lag Resultat
Leksands IF - Luleå HF 1 - 3
Djurgårdens IF - Göteborg HC 2 - 1
HV 71 - Linköping HC
Brynäs IF - MoDo Hockey 6 - 2
J20 - Nationell Norra
Lag Resultat
Leksands IF - Skellefteå AIK 6 - 3
Mora IK - Luleå HF 3 - 1
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2021.11.27 13:45 EDMLiveset Coone - Global Dedication 070

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2021.11.27 13:45 MacAttack218 🚨🦧Weekly recap of AMC, GME & wider market🦧🚨The dumbening/Thanksgiving Edition🔥🔥🔥

Hey Everyone,
Video Version
To all my cousin apes across the Atlantic, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving if you live in the U.S and I hope, like me, you enjoyed your Thursday if you live outwith the U.S!
Let's dive into it.
"Don't buy the dip/Don't buy at all to spark MOASS" nonsense.
This is getting addressed first.
Firstly people are mixing up price discovery with price expression and then getting confused with how short volume properly works. That being said I've obviously been drinking from the same watering hole as I think I understand some of the insane troll logic, enough to recognise it as such anyway.
For the "Don't Buy" group, the logic goes that the estimated number of shares ranges from between 2 billion to 6 billion based on who's say vote stat analysis you want to go with. (Mine's had 4.8 billion with 5% MoE at 55(ish)% confidence). And that all continued buying does is add more synthetics and therefore more dilution, so if we use the most conservative number where there is 4x the number of shares in existence than there should be, then if all other things were equal (i.e undiluting it wouldn't cause a liquidity crunch) that the price should be about $160 per share for AMC.
(so far, so kinda agree).
The logic then continues that if we all stop buying, and just hodl that this will dry up liquidity in the stock and therefore spark MOASS.
They aren't wrong about the fact it will dry up liquidity, which in turn would cause a price spike. But for that to happen price discovery would be loaded with just sell pressure, and as such the price would crash down back to 2020 levels before any kind of crunch took place. And a 4x rise at $5 only takes us to $20. And it's not a case of the dip before the rip, because on the entire way down you remove the competition for those other shares allowing FTDs and SI to be closed/covered at lower price points.
Speaking of Dips before the rips. The next group think I've seen floating around is the "Don't buy the dips, just buy the rips". Again I get the insane troll logic in this.
The idea is as follows, if we don't buy the dips and only the rips then we are adding pressure onto the rips, which will make them even rippier and putting us up to higher price points, and therefore higher "support" levels. Again, this is kind right but there is a total counter side to this. It makes the rips rippier, and the dips dippier. To the degree that if algo/option hedging/dehedging/institutional buying isn't enough to turn a dip into a rip all that will happen is that the dip will keep on dipping.
With this all being said, I'm not annoyed at people nor do I believe this to be the work of "shills/Bashers/Hedgies". I think this has been born and grown out of a place of frustration.
AKA What we've done so far doesn't seem to be working, so let's try something new. But the thing is AMC, GME (and some of the other memestocks, at this point it's hard to differentiate what may or may not be part of the AMC/GME thesis so I like to focus on just these two) is a bit like driving a car that is skidding. We are aiming to get the car back under control and driving normal, but turning our steering wheel into the skid hasn't helped so far so the logic is we should either drive with the skid, or just let go of the steering wheel entirely (for all the apes that live in nice warm places, just know a collective of cold weather apes like myself all just had a sharp intake of breath when they read that sentence).
Personally I've given up trying to time my buys, when I have money to spare I'll buy, regardless of the fact it's a rip, dip, or trading sideways long term it's all the same result anyway.
Anyway let's move on, as this isn't the "don't buy/don't buy the dip" counter DD.
Overall market conditions
SAAR (existing home sales) this number did better than expected, though is still on a slow down.
Continuing jobless state claims, again this number did better than expected and is actually decreasing overall.
Both these together along with Powell's extended term actually stemmed the worse of the bearish market on Monday/Tuesday
Core inflation- Was exactly what it was predicted to be. Neither a boon nor a bust to the economy (insert Ledger's joker quote here).
Overall though the market did a whoospie during the week thanks to fears around the new-covid variant, several countries including mine set limits on travelling to and from Southern Africa. We'll need to see how this plays out, regardless your feelings on covid and the political around it, this impacts the wider market which in turn affects AMC.
Reverse Repo
Continuing to trend higher, with Mon/Tue hitting $1.57ish trillion. Overall we'll see this continue to trend higher as long as more money is printed, the correction doesn't come and we approach the quarter end.
Treasury Balance
We are continuing to fall, now sitting at $141b, the average decrease seems to be about a $5 to $10b (with Nov being $8.5b average decrease). At the current rate we have 16 trading days until the money runs out (or the 20th Dec). I fully expect this issue to get solved and the limit to be raised, but the question is how close it will run to $0. I fully expect this to start rearing it's ugly head as an issue come the 10th Dec.
The longer, and closer to $0 it runs the more likely we will see red market wide during the time. The flipside is the longer and closer to $0 it gets, without getting to $0 the stronger the correction to the green it will be.
Gagged/Not gagged.
The debate rages on, is Ryan Cohen still under his gag/not allowed to buy order or is he not.
From my reading of both, and from my understanding of the general rules around individual investors having a share size worth registering he still is.
Short version, specific trumps general rules/contracts.
The general rule about being allowed to speak and buy is set within the director rules.
The rules stating he isn't allowed to do anything until Feb 2022 is specific and therefore trumps the general rule.
Think of it, in the U.K, where you are not allowed to cross a solid white line while driving, that's the general rule but the specific rule of being allowed to cross it because, say there is an obstruction on the road, would trump the general rule.
That's my understanding of it. Would love to see if anyone else has a more expanded understanding.
News/MSM bullshit.
I'm only giving this the space it deserves for the newer apes.
AMC, GME and memestocks go up... silence.
AMC, GME and memestocks go down... FUD/news about the price fall.
Again overall, I'm not in the mindset that every news/MSM is in the pocket of big fiancé (though a lot certainly will be) but I'm in the mindset they go for what drives engagement. There regular viewers will watch either way and us apes will watch/read when we see the FUD as it attracts our ire. Want it to stop, then stop caring and sharing their bullshit articles and videos... simples.
YoutubetwitteReddit DD writer drama.
Don't care, next.
My Predictions
If you were here for just the news round up, you may disappear now lol
I got it wrong this week, but I think it's more important to understand the why.
AMC was following Path B perfectly Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.
Then Thurs hit, along with covid fears, and overall major bearish sentiment festered during the closed period. So it sent it down further than even I expected for Friday Pre-market. Then due to the fact of losing a day and a half of trading we saw it stay at these low levels. Option Chain analysis and option flow both pointed to a recovery had we had the time to play it out but such is life.
This week really fucks with my overall percentage dragging it from 90% down to 73% accuracy (I track multiple stocks with my option chain analysis). I could be kind and say "doesn't count" as how was I to know a new Covid variant would pop up but that would defeat the entire purpose of my prediction/analysis style which is too see how accurate it is over the long term even when parsing in these unknownable events.
Plus I learn the most from my failures, and I want my failures to be on display and I was due a ego knocking to keep my head from getting too big (but once in a while is fine lol)
Parting words.
As always here my socials (Twitter & YouTube).
Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving, Black Friday and all that American Football (*COUGH* Armoured American Rugby *COUGH*) hahaha
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2021.11.27 13:45 joosth3 COVID Can Cause Strange Eye and Ear Symptoms From conjunctivitis to vertigo, coronavirus infections can affect disparate senses

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2021.11.27 13:45 MuttsandHuskies Can someone explain the math behind board feet?

Not much to add. I was looking at some lumber, 4/4, 3/4" thick and the form asks for board feet. I know I need 2 pieces 90" long, and 4 pieces 65" long. (I have waste in there, on purpose).
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2021.11.27 13:45 ReddSerPent Which unit is better out of the new Goku/Vegeta unit?

So which one do you prefer to use more I know it’s one unit as a whole but I was just wondering.
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2021.11.27 13:45 Gallantpride Got an award but no award PM?

Is this normal or a glitch? I noticed a thread of mine had a reward but I didn't have a new PM.
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2021.11.27 13:45 gaynesssss no no, he has a point!

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2021.11.27 13:45 JohnGnarbuckle Whats an occy worth?

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2021.11.27 13:45 Ok_Cockroach_6805 Why is no one talking about how funny Ian and Cam’s Black Friday segment was?!

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2021.11.27 13:45 doslicious Comment on this post now

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2021.11.27 13:45 HisTopHat Rowan won’t give me the national dex even though I saw all the mons. What do I do?

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2021.11.27 13:45 Project347 You probably missed this in the Saiyan saga

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2021.11.27 13:45 FearlessOneLastTime My availability is around 30 hours a week. They’re scheduling me less than 20 hours, down to 8 hours. Fuck this place

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2021.11.27 13:45 oldhippy1947 Ads being added as attachments to outgoing email

Recently, a person on Yahoo Mail has informed me that she has received emails from me with ads attached. Not good. Is this a new thing from Google? Is anybody else seeing this? I'm on Linux Mint with Firefox.
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2021.11.27 13:45 yor605 A kattom, Orfeusz. Itt éppen idétlen. Félig szőrből, félig gúnyból és félig bűzből készült.

A kattom, Orfeusz. Itt éppen idétlen. Félig szőrből, félig gúnyból és félig bűzből készült. submitted by yor605 to hungary [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 13:45 CriticalGoku How to handle a short term of employment on LinkedIn and resume

My fiancee started a new job in early October and wait about a month before updating her LinkedIn profile with her employment. We thought things were going well, but unfortunately the working situation rapidly deteriorated in the past month and the both the stress and negative environment has prompted my fiancee to provide her resignation.
While she hasn't left officially yet, neither of us have much experience with leaving a job so quickly and are concerned about how to represent this on LinkedIn and her resume for future employers. I was in favor of just leaving the company off all together and pretending she'd never been there, but the fact that it's already been 'seen' on LinkedIn may make that difficult. If she keeps it, how does she explain it, and how do we handle the fact that many company's ask if they can contact your last company as part of the application process? I don't think her boss is taking her wanting to leave well (Two long-term employees have also quit recently) and I'm concerned about them being negative if a future company tries to contact them.
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2021.11.27 13:45 i3stars How do I flip all these porn DVDs?

last year my dad passed away and he left a whole storage full of miscellaneous things. (which i still pay for cause a lot of my stuff is also in there, but he has so many valuables too + sentimentals)
upon the many things, collectibles, statues, clothing, game systems, dvds, old cassette tapes, there's so many porn dvds.
who can i sell it all to? i'm asking mainly for the porn dvds. (my secondary inquiry would be who or where can i sell the old music cassette tapes) i can't really sell the xxx stuff on facebook (groups or marketplace) or offerup, as its all explicit content, people wanna see what they're buying and thats not pg-13. is craigslist the only other option? also, how much would i sell them for in bulk or single? i kinda wanna sell them fast, as i don't want them in the house for too long... any help on this would be great. however if you're interested in buying anything, my email is saezmei@gmail.com my name is Melissa, thanks in advance and i'm sorry if this is the wrong spot for this!!
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