What's going on with the rotten tomatoes reviews

2021.11.27 14:02 Recent_Judgment3418 What's going on with the rotten tomatoes reviews

For the last day i'm seeing almost only 5 star reviews on rotten tomatoes from accounts that haven't rated anything else.
They all basically say the same thing, here's one in random " Simply can't understand the flood of negative reviews. No, it's not 100% like the books and can't be. (I read them.) IMO they did an awesome job adapting the story to the screen - up to the point where I think it's actually better than the books."
LOL are they really review bombing this with a 10/10?
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2021.11.27 14:02 Jemboob man..

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2021.11.27 14:02 Pigmaster6373 I'm quite the grower

You turn on the shower and invite me inside. I hesitate, and with a playful wink, warn u that I'm "quite the grower." U laugh and say it's ok, and we make love and fall asleep, still soaking wet.
You awake to find the room is pitch black. Slowly, horror begins to set in as you realize the weight of what I said last night- I am no man, rather one of those magic growing sponge toys and have grown to the size of the entire room. You try to scream but can't move. This is the cost of your arrogance.
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2021.11.27 14:02 smilysmilysmooch The Secret of Zorro (1996)

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2021.11.27 14:02 n0ahbody Russia Spy Chief Says Ukraine Invasion Plan 'Malicious' U.S. Propaganda

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2021.11.27 14:02 Normal_Ambition5928 Yeh kaise lagate hai??

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2021.11.27 14:02 Little_Cow_1548 Doktoro Gittim Çok Riskli Oldu

Ben diş teli takıyorum ve plakalar arasındaki tel aşırı kaydı. Tele gırtlak yapıyorum hem batıyor hem zevk veriyor melet. Batmasına dayanamadım gittim dişçiye . Hafta sonu diye ortodontistim kapalı gittim develete. Adam ilkel cağdan kalma dişçi yok alet edevat çekiyor teli.Çekerkende çok iyisin harikasın diyor bir baktım berber gibi yanda deyiriyor. Dedi bu olmayacak bekle . Yardımcısına döndü git alet çantasından yan keski getir. Getirdi kadın sonra dişçi kocaman aleti ağzıma soktu titanyum nikel teli kopardı. Bide sırıtarak çok iyidin dedi . Sj dedim çıktım.
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2021.11.27 14:02 RonMexicoFilms [OC] The Colts Run Game is made of Nightmares | Film breakdown of how the Colts dial up every concept known to mankind, how Taylor makes them work and why Frank Reich is a genius

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2021.11.27 14:02 PerezKaram Firefly to Coinstat?

Anyone know how to synch Firefly wallet to Coinstat? thanks!
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2021.11.27 14:02 Jimmy_Fallen Poop playdough

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2021.11.27 14:02 Yeldo15 My PS5 controller doesnt work on genshin on PC help :(

I dont know what to do, my PS4 controllers work but not my PS5 ones, I can play any other game just not genshin....
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2021.11.27 14:02 aamn1337 Xbox one HDD / PC with HDD should have different lobbies and matchmaking

Hi guys,
How that's possible that in 2021 someone has to wait 3 min to load a race which is 2 min long. Does that people don't see that? Recently i was disconnected before 5th run after waiting 3 min for someone load the race, even forza can't stand that loading time. It's really frustrating when champs take 40 min instead of 20. What do you guys think about that? Should be here some kind of benchmark for lobbies?
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2021.11.27 14:02 D4kke Heatran 2308 8745 1658 and 7772 7496 5681

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2021.11.27 14:02 cardibcl0set energy exchange

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2021.11.27 14:02 Wavydavy71 Chop???? Not sure the day. Sour Blue Beary my first ever cross 😍

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2021.11.27 14:02 Antique_Ad975 שמה כול כבוד שלא תייחסתה עלב כי רעייתי שהוא עשה את זה לעוד סטריימר

שמה כול כבוד שלא תייחסתה עלב כי רעייתי שהוא עשה את זה לעוד סטריימר
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2021.11.27 14:02 Kinglard69 The meme is… im a complete idiot

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2021.11.27 14:02 Stickan15 Need some approval for a list of parts I have chosen (gaming pc)

Title basically says what I need!
Note: I am going to use my old gpu until the new prices drop
Thinking of making a purchase of the parts listed below, let me now if they are a good fit for each other. I also specifically need to know if the cooling options below are optimal for these parts.
(Also I just made a similiar post but that was with an amd setup instead, I just saw that the new Intel chips dropped so thats why I'm remaking it)

GPU: My old GTX 1060 Gb (planning to buy a new gpu once prices hopefully calms down, probably an rtx 3060, 3060ti or 3070)
CPU: Intel 12th gen, i5 12600kf
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z690 UD
Ram: Kingston FURY Beast 16GB 5200MHz DDR5
PSU: Corsair RM850 850W (2019)
CPU cooler: Noctua NH-D15
Case: Phanteks Eclipse P500A (Black)
Extra case fans: Phanteks SK 120MM PWM x5

Any suggestions are appreciated!
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2021.11.27 14:02 JakeZurell How do I tell my mom that I am bi

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2021.11.27 14:02 CeRafitVarg Is mexico unsafe to visit right now?

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2021.11.27 14:02 Low-Entropy A bizarre case for our reporter

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2021.11.27 14:02 rulesforrebels @binance: Proof of Stake (PoS) simply explained. https://t.co/dxj7TZnTZB

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2021.11.27 14:02 Bratwurstmann_94 First snow last year

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2021.11.27 14:02 Kaktusdikeni Woosung

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2021.11.27 14:02 NFTOlympus 🎁[GIVEAWAY] Cool Cat | $47,000 worth | Upvote this post , as well as join Discord + Twitter. Links in comments!

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