With the Broncos hiring of Hackett and them having a legitimate shot at getting Aaron Rodgers, do you genuinely believe the Broncos will land Rodgers?

2022.01.28 06:03 FadedDurka With the Broncos hiring of Hackett and them having a legitimate shot at getting Aaron Rodgers, do you genuinely believe the Broncos will land Rodgers?

Just curious as to what everyone genuinely thinks is going to happen
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2022.01.28 06:03 SeijiWeiss 【Nakashima Yuki】「Snow Tears」(1st Single「Day of Bright Sunshine」Coupling Song)Preview

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2022.01.28 06:03 Unholy_pidgeon Game Mechanics w/ Mini-Ninja

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2022.01.28 06:03 molster something bothering me since I watched episode 9

In America (I'm from the UK)Can you really be evicted from the (I assume) multi million dollar apartment you OWN just on the random hands up vote of a tiny sub section of other people in your building? How can that possibly be?
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2022.01.28 06:03 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.28 06:03 Grachamoncha [IIL] "And I Will Kiss" by Underworld, [WEWIL]?

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2022.01.28 06:03 Intekio My first nundo and hundo in one day! Only been playing since Nov 2021.

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2022.01.28 06:03 g4m3f33d Pokemon Legends: Arceus Video Review

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2022.01.28 06:03 Formal_Dragonfruit15 i am an artist i need your help.

hello hope you all are well i am 27 years old.I am a sketch artist by profession.I have tried to make people happy hundred percent with my work. But for the last 2 months, I am suffering a lot because due to corona, I have no work and no money to run my livelihood..I have run out of money for food and house rent, I am a little worried, if you guys want, you can give me work, so that maybe my livelihood can be a little better..Whatever proof or whatever you guys need from me I can show you everything..If you want, you can also check by going to my post on Delhi..
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2022.01.28 06:03 LechiaInc It would seem that the Capitalist system is coming to a sort of strange apex. [_Chaos Will Prevail Until 2026?_ Dr. A. Fursov] on Bitchute

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2022.01.28 06:03 towms Cheese and Spinach Egg Bites

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2022.01.28 06:03 bigfatpeach Whats that video where Dr K says it's good to learn to be alone in a romantic relationship?

I remember in a youtube video he said it's good for couples to learn to how to be alone in a relationship. Like having their own time to their things. I can't find the video anymore
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2022.01.28 06:03 cecil_X I have a Redmi Note 5 (2018) and want to buy a Redmi 11 (2022). Is there a difference in camera quality or just more megapixels?

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2022.01.28 06:03 luci0sans OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS. I do watercolor, color pencils, and acrylics. See comments for more info. :)))

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2022.01.28 06:03 onlyforsebstan anyone going to the basketball game this saturday i can buy a shirt from?!

i cant make but i really wanted to get that USC filipino heritage night shirt :///
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2022.01.28 06:03 BurakSavas Game freezes when challenge someone in Eliminator

Hello guys, when I play in the elimination mode and challange someone, my game freezes for about 2 second and this just kills the joy. Is this problem just for me or you guys experiencing too?
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2022.01.28 06:03 RadicalChiliBean After 5 hours of making brines and boiling eggs, I have my first ever attempts at pickling anything... And I'm proud of them.

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2022.01.28 06:03 ombresaco Esperanto

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2022.01.28 06:03 THICCJeeves Anyone else notice that all their matched opponent’s usernames end in 4 numbers?

It also seems to have their first and last name in it too. For example: stevesmith5476
Seems kinda sketchy to me… almost like they might be fake accounts created by VersusGame… there can’t possibly be this many accounts ending with 4 numbers coincidentally. Unless there’s some automatic naming convention that happens when you sign up a certain way, I don’t see how it’s possible. A little concerning tbh. Thoughts?
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2022.01.28 06:03 Diode71 The Reason for Lampport

You won’t have to run through the jungle in order to hear it through the grapevine that Leslie Lampport was the inventor of LaTeX, which is a sort of markup language used in scholarly publications, it is such and such, but I will tell you of things like Laprobe in One Man’s Meat it is such a thing the Laprobe and it did have something to do with the car parked nearby and I do suspect in fact that the name Lampport that who knows if its origins and if it had changed in meaning over a great period of time, of these subjects I care not to tell delve into, but many do believe that at the foot of certain electrical installations there is in fact a sort of door that may be pried open, and in fact the need for Ethernet over wall outlets and connecting the whole house without wifi, this is entirely unnecessary for I have devised my very own method in for the transmission of data such as what was most probably either words or phrases and not possibly but a signal of say to say one certain thing, no but in fact in tiny variances of the electrical flow it could be communicated maybe even an entire image and for how long it would take I do have no clue but I will tell you that the great horror is that Lampport is something that makes me go French Commune and introduction of a sun child not sun king but outside of technological based revisionisms or whatever this all is, the important matter is not in what good if it do exist may be being committed by Lamppost to Lamppost wired transfer the cables, no but I tell you how maybe in fact there might be terrible things happening in all this and it might all be very old and in fact as old as arc-lamps but not as old as the idea that the early film for Frankenstein was not revolutionary as if the idea that it was not electricity was something knew when Shelley clearly mentions cementaries in which witchcraft was commited of the very title of her boook and that is the name of the monster and to think this may have never been classified as such is ridiculous and to think at least that maybe in the public literature and for these people if things may be lost at least to the general public, well I do tell you that Shelly she was aware of electricity and called it something like previously unknown elemental particle of life and why particle and its popular definitions mean that it could have not been electricity and not the result of artistic license nor misunderstanding well it is but looking at her portrait!
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2022.01.28 06:03 Cultsonfire Suggestions for Newbie

Hey guys, just watched True Beauty and it's my first KDrama. Loved the tense environment and the romance. Want some suggestions that are of the same storyline as of True Beauty.
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2022.01.28 06:03 ShoddyChoice1 Worth it? New to the game and I’m wondering what’s the best value for my gems

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2022.01.28 06:03 jgear319 The Witches' Tree

When I was probably 4 or 5 I remember my father telling me this story. There was this gnarly dead tree that was the third tree from the left of one of our gates between two fields. My dad said that when he was a kid that he and his brother had been out in the woods when they saw a fire in the distance Being young boys in the early 50s they went to see what it was. Now the story he told was that when they came out of one set of woods they saw a large bonfire near the tree and what appeared to be three women dancing around it. They thought it was a party or some crazy paganism. Now this next part of the story is hard for me to remember. It went one of a few ways. Either three orbs of fire ascended out of the fire and began winding around the tree, or the women turned into orbs and flew around the tree, or the women just began flying and the orbs were something else I can't remember. But my dad and uncle immediately started running back to the farm and I think he said that whatever was flying was moving in their direction but I don't think quite giving chase. They went out there days later and there was evidence of a bonfire.
Here's the creepy part to me. As a kid I was afraid of this dead tree because of the story. Most of our dead trees fall at some point just from internal rot after not being sustained. But this tree several years ago sprouted leaves and is now a full tree. It's not something I could miss because like I said it's by a gate and you just count three trees over. It's not some tree out in the middle of the woods with a bunch of other trees.
I asked my dad about the story after I noticed the tree growing leaves. He kind of chuckled, but more like his nervous chuckle. So I don't know if he is just playing a decades-long joke or what. Unfortunately now he has brain damage from multiple strokes and so though I want to ask again his memory can't really be trusted as to whether he would remember if the story was a joke, just a scary story to tell his son, whether it really happened and he can't remember, or whether it didn't really happen but his brain would trick him into believing it did.
It's crazy because even though his story sounds made up the dead tree blooming always unnerves me. Every time I open that gate, even now in my 30s, my eyes are fixed on it like I expect something to happen.
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2022.01.28 06:03 SwagMeister25 Maganda bang GPU yung Colorful GeForce RTX 3060 Ti NB V2 LHR-V

Balak ko talaga is yung Gigabyte RTX 3060 Gaming OC LHR kaso nakita ko na close lang yung pricing sa Colorful iGame RTX 3060 ti. Since close lang yung price niya why not upgrade to 3060 ti diba? ngayon medyo takot lang ako kasi chinese brand di ko sure kung durable.
pls share your opinions po, i need your help. Especially kung may same ka na brand ng GPU.
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2022.01.28 06:03 Southern_King_943 Just A Brewing Guide

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