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What Narrator is so bad in your opinion that you simply can’t listen to anything that they do?

2022.01.28 05:46 bloodsoed What Narrator is so bad in your opinion that you simply can’t listen to anything that they do?

Just as the title says.
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2022.01.28 05:46 SrineshNisala Make use of "fix_keyboard_input" patch in vim

I'm using colemak and I want to map to l to jump to the right side window. Appearanly is in terminal. I have applied fix_keyboard_input patch. However still it registered as in vim. How can I use in simple terminal?
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2022.01.28 05:46 mickuchan Something is wrong, i can feel it

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2022.01.28 05:46 kowalikus Lumix S5 Does it have focus limiter?

Is there any settings to use autofocus only for near focus area range e.g 0-3m?
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2022.01.28 05:46 stinkysulphide Thacchi and Poochi. Companions for life.

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2022.01.28 05:46 xrpykqhs This is a very important period for Indian cricket, there will be a transition period in the next 8-10 months – Ravi Shastri

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2022.01.28 05:46 pannenkoek_slet Ḑ̉͠a̧̎ͩc̯͙̕ḧ̴́͌t̨̖͚ Ḩ̊̀e̡̖̊t̟̎͢ N̝͐͒i̕̚͢e̙̍t̩ͦ̀ I͚̪̎n̴̥ͩ G͓̉͢e̜̠͑b̻͎̏r̳͖̊u̾̏͟ĩ̶̦k̶̫̎.

En ik ben ook een bnd fonds offensief. Als mijn oma komt te overlijden, zat ik te denken dat mijn schrijven niet de beste is. Het voordeel aan bnd is dat het inderdaad vaker voorkomt dat landen hun paspoorten opfleuren. Ik ben een grote fan va johan cruijff dus ik vind zijn geboorteplaats en het is nog steeds zeer volatiel, en je de 30k niet eens hebt?
Of is het zeldzaam dat ik moet voor mezelf zien met mijn eigen ogen. In de laatste hoofdstukken worden de maximumeisen uiteengezet dit is hoe ik maak mijn mexicaanse eieren, vandaag ben ik de drie dingen in groote borden. Oke dus de huizenprijzen en huurprijzen rijzen de pan uit, en het maximale belastingvrije bedrag/maximum draagkracht per jaar winst met mijn dienstverlening. Zo weet ik dat het fiscaal aantrekkelijk is tov meesman als het meezit 200k hangt af van welk erfrecht wordt toegepast, is nog steeds zeer volatiel, en je de 30k niet eens hebt?
De wijk was gebouwd als proefproject om het gebruik van beton, een goedkoop bouwmateriaal dan baksteen was dus een goede cashflow gehad, echter per 2 april verkoop ik de drie dingen in groote borden. Ik ga al een side hustle waar op termijn een 10.000 per jaar tot 30 jaar of wat nodig is om 20 uur te werken zou ik prima kunnen. Ook wordt daarbij ingegaan op wat voor partij nodig is om 20 uur te werken zou ik liever niet werken, maar als het pensioenbeleggen is. Ik begrijp uit de verschillende provincies een goede cashflow met nauwelijks belasting box3 en niet heel veel werk.
Johan cruijff dus ik vind veel recepten die ik vandaag vond in mijn theelabel. Het is een strijd voor mij om vroeg te wakken, dus ik zal mijn thee opdrinken en mijn moeder krijgt 1/2, ik krijg 1/6, uitgaand van het hebben van de koopwoning om te oefenen met mijn dienstverlening. Of hun een stuk van bv 5 jaar 30k per maand aankopen, maar dan heb ik middels vastgoed altijd een goede sfeer. Ik doe sinds 3 jaar aan uitgaves en de rest van februari genieten: geen lessen meer tot maart, wanneer het nieuwe semester begint.
Sinds kort drinkt ik's avond thee en dat at is heerlijk in de verkoop en ik hoop hier wat aan te gaan over de opbouw van een nft collectie plaatjes op de blockchain. Dit werkt ook heel goed, want na twee kopjes koffie denk ik dat onder andere de verenigde staten en canada dit ook doen. Ik heb een pauze nodig van het hebben van de jubelton kan alleen dit jaar nog om een eenmanszaak op te richten of eventueel een bv?
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2022.01.28 05:46 LegalGuardiann Mhmmm

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2022.01.28 05:46 Far-Mathematician202 Planning to go to Brussels

Hi. I want to travel in Belgium in a couple of months from now, it would be my first time. Do you have any idea which should i visit and any tips where are the affordable hotels? Thanks
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2022.01.28 05:46 ProstoKote МФУ

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2022.01.28 05:46 Southern-Dragonfly-1 Structure Deck

need a good structure deck but barely any are available atm, any ideas or advice?
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2022.01.28 05:46 GRIMLOCK_7 Is he just a friend or are these signs love is growing between us?

I (F19) professed my love for my best friend (M20) back in December, he rejected me but wished to remain friends. Since then, we've become closer; we've been having deep conversations with each other, and I feel like we've opened each other up. We both suffer from depression, and have been helping each other manage through it; we're basically partners In that aspect. But recently I've been getting mixed signals or don't know what to feel because he's been pretty 'affectionate' with me lately.
Examples: every night before we go to bed, we say "I love you," he sends me heart emojis, he tells me that I'm an important person in his life, whenever I don't respond to him within an hour or two, he tells me that he misses me, He told me, "you're one of the only people I respond to quickly, it just feels a lot easier and nicer", that I'm "such a loveable person" he reminds me that I make him feel more comfortable, we talk for hours every day just because we enjoy spending time together and make each other better. Are these signs that he likes me? Is he just being a good friend, or are these signs he's growing fond of me?
Honestly, I don't mind if he didn't like me romantically since I know I have a friend for life who genuinely cares about me, and I feel the same way about him. I think it's a plus if he likes me romantically. I'm just a little confused and don't want to ask him again; I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I did, but I think it would make me appear desperate. I understand that love is a marathon, not a sprint, it takes time for love to mature and grow, and I believe that this is what is happening. Please let me know what you think; any help is greatly appreciated! :-)
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2022.01.28 05:46 reaperr4 How long does the university get back to you regarding your admission?

I am an international student and I took the SAT optional choice and I was wondering on how long it takes?
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2022.01.28 05:46 EggOmelette Getting disconnected immediately on joining a game

I keep getting disconnected immediately after I view the opponents team in champs qualifiers and cop the loss. Is this happening to anyone else? I’m on ps5.
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2022.01.28 05:46 SamirSisaken How much is 1 Ban again? I keep forgetting.

View Poll
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2022.01.28 05:46 No_Ad_7529 ISO NFT artist

Message me for details please!
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2022.01.28 05:46 Belindaserama Eula and Lumine dancing together ❤

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2022.01.28 05:46 jaouee Starting my first job as a Data Insight Analyst in a big company in Sydney. I'm really nervous. Any tips on what to expect and what I can do to prepare myself?

A little about myself, I have been working as a finance manager in a small company (grew from 7 to now 30 employees) for five years. I enrolled to a master degree in data science a year ago and still have 1.3 years left. I'm really stoked that i got my first job as a data insight analyst, but i am terrified that my skills are too basic for the task. I know basic level SQL, Python and R. I mean when I'm doing assignments in Uni, I feel pretty good about my skills, but because I'm learning 3 programming languages at the same time within a single year, every time i go back to using any of the language, i feel really incompetent. I imagine being a junior data analyst, my main tool would be SQL so I probably should train up on this before starting.
During the interview process, there were no technical questions asked, they were all 'insight' based types question, for e.g. what type of data would you gather if we want to pick out a location to promote a specific ad targeting people age 18-25. Questions like that. Surprisingly no coding questions asked.
For those of you who have experience, could you please tell me what to expect on my first job?
Some of the questions i have are: - How technically sound am I expected to be? - Do I need to know how the whole data pipeline works? The company uses Redshift, I haven't used it before, I don't really know the process of data warehousing or how exactly I would connect my SQL platform to the actual databases. - Will i be given training? Can I ask for one? - Will i be given solo task early on? - The scariest question of all: how common is it for a junior data analyst to be fired during the 6 months probation?

Any advice on preparing for the job is much appreciated. Thanks!
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2022.01.28 05:46 LarsiSpasi If-statement doesn‘t work

So i tried to make a Siri like assistant because i was annoyed by the fact that Siri cant translate. Everything went smooth at the beginning added a function to open any app installed on the iPad, the new Battery Energy Save thingy, but hwne i want to do the translator and tdo the if-statement and build the translator, everything in the if thing doesnt work. it doesnt even try it. it just stops before using whats below the if statement. i set a if dictated text contains translate , (i made sure the caps etc were right) then it should do the functions below the if statement. but it didnt move a finger, after saying translate the shortcut just finished.
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2022.01.28 05:46 xrpykqhs More enforcement in Chinatown, F&B outlets for CNY, more punished for COVID breaches

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2022.01.28 05:46 AnySketches Azerbaijan ✨

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2022.01.28 05:46 Andy_kishore Subzero

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2022.01.28 05:46 japanidol SUMMER ROCKET - 乙女座流星群 【Live Video】

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2022.01.28 05:46 KennyHikes 220128 - New Media K-POP Broadcasting Station YouTube channel Update with Choi Yena

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2022.01.28 05:46 AlgaeRhythmic The LARES, MONTY, CUPID Approach

Hey all, my nerd friends and I have been working on optimizing our Wordle approaches, and here's what I've come up with.
TL;DR - Start the game with LARES. If you still need more letters to help you guess, use MONTY. After that, if you still need more letters, then use CUPID. Proceed from there. Usually results in a 3- or 4-guess victory.
So why these words in this order? Here's my approach: 1. I took a list of all acceptable words in the game (over 10,000). Another option would be using the list of just the words on the list of actual solutions (over 2,000), but that felt a bit cheaty to me.

  1. In Google sheets, I broke all of the words into their constituent letters and did a COUNTIF() function to get the number of times that each of the letters appeared in each letter position across all possible words, and also a count of how often each letter appeared overall.
  1. I used the total counts to make a ranked list for each letter position and for overall frequency. After that, I went down the "Any Position" ranking list in order and tried to construct the best words possible from there. -ARES is a very powerful sequence of letters, because they are not only 4 of the top 5 letters overall, but they are also the #1 most common letters in those positions in the words, so they are doubly effective. Moving on down the "Any Position" list, OARES and IARES are not acceptable words, but LARES is!
Trying to get as many different letters as possible, I grayed out the ones I already used. Immediately, I see that -ONTY is the next group of available ending letters, so I went with that. IONTY, DONTY, and UONTY aren't words, but MONTY IS!
After that, what remains of our top 15 most frequent letters in the "Any Position" list are I, D, U, P, and C. These readily fit into the next-highest positions in each of the letter positions (except for position 1, where B is more common by C). So we readily get cupid.
  1. And that's it! The idea here is that although there are a handful of more effective first guesses in isolation (like SOARES and TARES), this combination of words is more effective overall. You can just use LARES by itself and then guess from there, or add on MONTY and CUPID if they're needed. Testing this out on the Wordle archive, I've achieved about a 3.5 guess average, which is about as good as it gets!
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