40 minute study i did : D

2022.01.28 05:07 stonedkami 40 minute study i did : D

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2022.01.28 05:07 RallyElvis SIB South Park The Stick of Truth or SIB Halo MCC

I Know these two games have nothing in common but it's the lunar new year sale and I wanted to pick one game from this sale and those two are in my interest. I'll also mention Prey since i heard good things about and is also a good deal, so i just wanted to know if all the games i mentioned in the title (including prey) are good
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2022.01.28 05:07 420over9000 Yub nub!

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2022.01.28 05:07 asanam318 Arranged Marriages: evaluating prospective grooms?

I feel like there are many posts where women here crib about the process of arranged marriages and replies are usually "focus on your career" / "ward him away" which is fine... But I feel there is not enough guidance on what a girl should look for and how she can evaluate that in the context of the arranged marriage setting.
Maybe those with successful arranged marriages can comment about how they came to know that this guy is a good fit / good human being. Not just chemistry but things like sharing household chores, treating women and in laws with respect, mental and emotional maturity... Those sort of things. How to evaluate? Let's assume the girl and the guy can talk on the phone and maybe go out on a few (but not many) dates.
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2022.01.28 05:07 sfaalg Brought to you by my high-school

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2022.01.28 05:07 Maleficent-Design908 Questa forma di goku lo fa diventare una bestia su db legends sarebbe secondo me sbroccato

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2022.01.28 05:07 Sea_Investment_5292 Can an inexperienced driver work as an amazon dsp driver?

Hello, I just got a driver's license, i have no driving experience at all, only hours of training in driving school, can i start working as i driver on amzon, or do i need special driving knowledge and experience? I mean not technically but personally can i do it?
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2022.01.28 05:07 McNutty604 Why is everyone making their too young babies CIO?!

Post after post on here I see moms with babies under 4 months of age, some much younger resorting to CIO. it's been stated on this sub time and time again and with a quick Google search of every sleep expert stating that "Babies under 4 months old lack the ability to self sooth and/or fall asleep independently". I know it's hard right now and you need sleep mommas, I get that. But babies need help to fall asleep when they are this young, for just a little while longer. And some babies need to feed until they are a year old in the middle of the night! That is developmentally NORMAL. I'm sorry ladies, downvote me to hell but this is getting out of hand with leaving these little 15lb infants to fall asleep alone in their cribs without the knowledge of how to do that and just passing out from exhaustion. And then waking up 5 hours later starved from that exhaustion and not get fed. Sorry to put it out there. I hope someone else sees this and holds off just a little while longer and for the sake of their baby.
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2022.01.28 05:07 MakotoBluemazing707 PAHELP | planning to take BSIT and wala pa po ako gaanong alam about these respect po sana

paheeeeeeelp po wala ako gaanong alam sa mga specs and mga good brands sa system unit but I prefer ung Ryzen 5 5600 since yan ata latest? and I also prefer 2x8 gb (pag ganto 16 gb in total noh?)
31k kasi price nito sa FB nakita ko lang and may 5-7k pa akong pwedeng gamitin to enhance pa yung iba dito? ano pang pwede gawin? Di ko rin naman gaanong bet ung mga colors colors rgb keme. I'm gonna be a BSIT and iniisip kong bumili ng pc since may ipon naman ako. Medyo mahilig din ako sa video editing, nag aaral ng drawing and ung sa Adobe Illustrator and kung ano ano pa hekkekekk. Medyo into gaming rin pala ako hehe but mas priority ko ung video edit etc.
I am already considering na lakihan yung SSD or ung HDD and also changing the "Radeon™ Graphics (RX VEGA 7), 1900Mhz Frequency (8GB Total)" into GPU? papasok pa po ba yung extra na pera ko for these? Also ano pa yung iba na kung may mga better pa na brands na ipalit.

Ryzen 5 5600G Desktop SET
- AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600G, 6 Cores / 12 Threads, 4.40 Ghz (Boost) - NEW
‧ Radeon™ Graphics (RX VEGA 7), 1900Mhz Frequency (8GB Total) - NEW
‧ A520M-K ASUS PRIME, 2 Ram SLOT DDR4, VGA, HDMI, USB 3.0, M.2 - NEW
‧ 2 x 8.00 GB DDR4-3200Mhz, OVATION - NEW
‧ 128.00 GB M.2, OVATION - NEW
‧ 750 Watts True Rated PSU, YGT - NEW
‧ ATX Tempered GLASS Black Casing, YGT - NEW
‧ RGB 4PCS LED FANS (3 in, 1 out) - NEW
‧ RGB Keyboard and Mouse - NEW
‧ RGB CPU Cooler White, CLA 4200 PLUS, YGT - NEW
‧ Speaker and Extended Mousepad - NEW
‧ CPU Power Cord & HDMI Cable - NEW
‧ 24" IPS 75hz Frameless Full HD Monitor 1080P, NVISION - NEW
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2022.01.28 05:07 drivenmadnow I hope SCP never becomes mainstream

It should remain secretive and anything mainstream is ruined. Also do I need to put a flaiir?
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2022.01.28 05:07 RareTrip5290 Watch "Kill the complexity meter - NPC city" on YouTube. I tried making a cityscape with lots of "NPC" style characters spread across the park, there is 33 npcs to find. Have fun.

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2022.01.28 05:07 automaton-in-love Planner camper changes daily!

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2022.01.28 05:07 SashaCranks Remember the magic of the 90s? Ireland does 🇨🇮🇨🇮

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2022.01.28 05:07 EquivalentCommon5 Hit my head

I did the quintessential hit my head after a shower…. Honestly I’m not sure how it happened! I was outside the tub, fell into it and knocked the back of my head on the old school soap holder. I was hurting really bad, used a towel to get out somehow. But then things got weird…. I pretty much destroyed my kitchen- I know I did it but don’t have memories of doing it. Then tried so hard to sleep but all I could think of was I had to fix it! Pretty sure I now have glass in my feet, but the mess is cleaned up, I think? Now I’m more lucid and I know somewhat of what happened but don’t really remember it. Is that even possible? Probably not, maybe I’m losing my mind - lots of stress lately! Needed to vent about my own craziness that I inflicted on myself without really understanding it all. Yes, my head still hurts, but I think I’m back to myself but not understanding wtf happened?? FML!
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2022.01.28 05:07 AceAudi5000 Father helps son overcome obstacles, with the help of strangers

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2022.01.28 05:07 GreninjaNafi Posting until I get my first kiss (day 695)

Hello there fellow redditors hope you have an amazing day/night :D
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2022.01.28 05:07 AidanUsingReddit I love when you guys post selfies

It reminds me how much I love my appearance and how grateful I look how I do
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2022.01.28 05:07 halfanothersdozen I think I figured out how the repost bots get trained.

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2022.01.28 05:07 stitchstudent [OC][Art] Manning the Magic Counter

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2022.01.28 05:07 Tall_Tales4you Feeling fresh !

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2022.01.28 05:07 One-Jellyfish-9974 i finally asked for help with my mental health issues :)

ive been depressed for most of my life and finally asked for help and gained a chance to start helping myself and im just so proud that i gained the confidence and ignored the embarassment (sp) and anxiety to allow myself to start making a change. ive been battling with these issues for years (since i was hospitalized at 15, im now 20). asking others for help is by far the most difficult part for me and i finally pushed aside my fears and am so happy with the fact that now i get to choose what my life looks like rather than settling for what i think i deserve because of my mental health issues. 🎉🎉🎉 im a bad bitch and its time to start thinking like one :)
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2022.01.28 05:07 Aware-Spot-2474 Why does nobody want to be friends anymore?

I have noticed this. People love to network and I do it myself, but no one actually wants a real friendship.
For example, I met this guy at New Year’s Eve rave. We were both into racing and he owns a brand company that has serviced NASCAR and sports car teams. I told him about starting a race team and he was interested. Fast forward I send him my business Sunday and he basically said “I don’t mean to blow you off but I am blowing you off”. Sad this is that he is going to the NASCAR exhibition race in DTLA as am I and I wanted to meet up with him there. But I guess since he doesn’t want to work with me he saw no value in meeting up with me and doesn’t want to hear a pitch.
I was pretty depressed for a day until I realized that I need to be harder on guys. I can be hard on women but I like to expect the best from men. Wrong.
That Pink Floyd song Dogs is right: No one has a real friend”.
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2022.01.28 05:07 Narase33 The Scourge trying to break into my fortress (they didnt)

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2022.01.28 05:07 laezyriddle What is that one specific thing you don't want your friends to know, but you can tell others?

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2022.01.28 05:07 ScytheDem How to avoid doing WatchOS update?

I recently got this when i open the Apple Watch app:
My watch is on 7.4.1 and i just updated to IOS 15.4 B1.
I know it sounds weird but i want to stay on the watchOS 7.4.1 as from personal experience, it is faster then updating to new WatchOS versions.
Any help trying to avoid this message and allowing me to use the app?
Thank you, Scythe
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