Concerning dreams

2022.01.28 04:41 Basic_Artist_1755 Concerning dreams

Ive had trippy ass dreams since i started a drug called seroquil, the best way i can describe them is theyre on a parralel universe, the ones that are freaking me and my boyfriend out are these instances: im very obviously asleep but i can see out of my eyes, i can only see directly in front of me only but when i wake up i csn tell you exactly what was infront of me and whats going on and if i inhale and exhale deeply i get a sensation of my body falling rapidly almost in a good way though, if i do not inhale another breath its as if my body rips away and im then floating around the room weirdly out of control but ive had instances where ill be i n another room and i can tell you exactly what my boyfriend was doing, if he was talking to someone over a game, if he was watching tv, what show etc. With the not being able to move my head thing i had a scary instance where i was looking at my dog, i could only visualize her skull and muscle tissue, i woke up uncomfortable, my dog was very much so infront of me waiting for me to take her out or whatever the reason was shes a weirdo and waits for us to wake up and stairs at us 🤣. Another thing is my bad dreams arent bad to me, they make me uncomfortable but its hard to explain ive kind of gotten numb to them, my dreams trip me out so much i wake up every hour usually. I also notice i tend to forget most of them but ill recall dreams out of nowhere at random events in my life. Lately my dreams have been odly comforting reminding me of child hood friends and reminding me of these times, they make me wake up feeling very nostalgic and happy, ive blocked out most of my child hood and teen life subconsiously. Itd be good to note i am diagnosed with bipolar disorder with traits of personality disorder recently, and i have taken a plethora of anti psychotics and anti depressents. And yes im actively seeing a psychiatrist, im actively taking meds and working a full time job, it seems my dreams dictate the potential outcome of my day too, ill have these what i call "rage dreams" theyre violent im screaming and beating people who have abused me or did something that really hurt me, later on that day i may just get into a heated arguement with someone and ill feel that rage i experienced in the dream, but whats odd is i also dream sometimes of being with these people and hugging them, telling them i dont hate them for what they did, or itll be a setting where were operating like at a normal event just getting along (maybe subconsiously thats what i wish for)
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2022.01.28 04:41 HalfAndHalfCherryTea Fucked Up - Police

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2022.01.28 04:41 sportsbookmodsrg4y My nba plays tomorrow ! 🤞🏿

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2022.01.28 04:41 ninja_tank25 Can't get past stage 17, do I change gear? Level up what I have?

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2022.01.28 04:41 itsthaboibrent The face when Mumei triggers Kronii's OCD for the last time

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2022.01.28 04:41 chrisKenosis Just made a pvc/ fiberglass horsebow and broke my fence with it lol

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2022.01.28 04:41 frforever19 EARTHBOUND G-SHOCK watch from Hobonichi!

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2022.01.28 04:41 ElectronicFudge5 Nearly 10 Years Later, Yonkers Police Believe They’ve Solved The Cold Case Killing Of Pamela Graddick

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2022.01.28 04:41 Russo55 It’s great being right

All my friends said I was stupid for cashing all my Saitama out for Shinja. I’m not putting Russ down, but he is for sure no Cliff!!!!
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2022.01.28 04:41 shuvammax ☀︎ Totoro Inu ☀︎ - The Most Underrated Inu Project! | Launching Now on BSC | Amazing community and unique utility! | Audited | Reflections | The next moon shot!

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2022.01.28 04:41 derpyidea Question: IKEA/Homedepot Adult Loft Bed Design w/o supports. Safe?????

why are IKEA loft beds or other loft bed designs from other industries are built with minimal material? They rarely have any cross or triangle bracket. The design seems like it may wobble. I guess it is tolerable if the loft beds are for kids cause they are lighter. However, the adult loft bed designs are not much any different. Are brackets not necessary? Are they safe without them?
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2022.01.28 04:41 melodicwater111 When he says he’s busy (twice) - is that a no?

I (23F) matched this guy (28M) on Hinge. He’s a phd in his last year. We went out once and it went pretty well - kisses, hugs, good vibes, etc.
We were supposed to meet again that night, but he changed his mind and said he needed some personal time since he would be traveling for research the whole week next week. However, he never texted back, although he did reply to my messages but it always took ages.
I began to take it as a “no” but thought of a last try - maybe he IS busy? A day before he came back to town, I asked if he would like to grab a bite when he’s back. He said yes, but told me he didn’t think he should be dating since he would be “super busy” for the next couple of months. I said it’s fine for me then he disappeared again.
I really like him, so I thought maybe I should try one last time. Asked him out today again, but he said he doesn’t have time this weekend but “hopefully we can find some times soon.” He also says smth like “it’s good to have time after traveling to calm down and focus on myself.”
What the f does that supposed to mean? I am rather confused since I know how busy and frustrated the phd life could be. I try not to over interpret his messages, but somehow I feel like he’s being nice and this is a rejection.
The digital age of dating life is a mess. I sincerely hope people know that a straightforward “no” is much better than “I’m busy.” The only way you could be nice is to not waste the other person’s time.
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2022.01.28 04:41 Mrfellout Today's stream

Hey yall, I had to go to work today and that means missing wunbys stream. I know today was supposes to be media share but I can't find the Vod? Did this one have to get yeeted due to rules or what's happened? Just wondering if anyone could answer my question as I was really looking forward to it!
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2022.01.28 04:41 this_one_ok1 i managed to get a refund 👍

i pre ordered it over 2 months ago, had over 100 hours in the game and i still managed to get a refund for 2042, i got pretty lucky :)
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2022.01.28 04:41 AnonymousGamer700240 All front 3 untradeable, got puskas yesterday. Should he stay at CAM?

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2022.01.28 04:41 Shar_Mayank Desktop Review (Haan yeh wallpaper thoda josh josh mein bana lia tha)

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2022.01.28 04:41 Arnafas Aghanim Labyrinth hostage situation

Right now I have a game where one player refuses to enter the last rest room before the final boss. The door to the boss does not appear because we do not have all active players in the room. The Queen of Pain player didn't like that our sniper used an intellect book instead of giving to her. It happened before the first boss. We got to the final room in 30 minutes and now it is 56 minutes on the timer and we can't finish our run.
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2022.01.28 04:41 SealDraws Just had my first kiss

Pretty cool, both of us agreed it was pretty bad, and it caught me completely off guard, but I can't complain.
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2022.01.28 04:41 SM1925 26/27 [FM4M] [FM4FM]

Young latino couple looking for a hung bull or couple to have fun. We'll be in LV from Jan 28th-Feb1st. PM us.
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2022.01.28 04:41 error_err0r the ugly truth

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2022.01.28 04:41 nimblelinn My buddy spotted this. We know it’s an E30. But a targa top?

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2022.01.28 04:41 CygraW Views from 30F, Caohejing Center, Gumei Road

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2022.01.28 04:41 emmmybaaby Can I access my W-2 online?

I worked at Amazon for about 3 months last year and then resigned. I am starting again on the 10th, but do not have access to AtoZ or the ADP login. I no longer live at the address the physical W-2 would be sent, and I'm not 100% sure I'd be able to get access to it. Is there a way I can get it online or do I have to deal with someone over the phone?
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2022.01.28 04:41 Faenix_Wright no more encanto for you

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2022.01.28 04:41 Professor_Pig_Dick Waar is het woonbeleid van JA21?

Ik ben teleurgesteld in JA21 op dit belangrijkste vlak. Het is zorg nummer 1 onder de Nederlandse bevolking.
Gisteren was het hoofdlijnendebat voor volkshuisvesting waarin de nieuwe minister uitlegde hoe hij de crisis te lijf wou gaan. Er waren veel piepkleine partijen, Den Haan, Simons van Bij1, etc. JA21 was er niet.
Ik kijk naar de pagina met woonbeleid van JA21 op de website. Deze pagina staat ver onderaan in een kleiner vakje dan "cultuur en kunst".
Het is zo'n beknopte pagina dat ik hem hier makkelijk in zijn volledigheid kan citeren:

Door de jarenlange verwaarlozing van de woningmarkt kent Nederland een schrikbarend tekort van 350.000 woningen. Starters zijn nagenoeg kansloos op de woningmarkt. Er moeten in rap tempo betaalbare woningen worden gebouwd. Doorstroming op de woningmarkt moet bevorderd worden en eigenwoningbezit moet worden gestimuleerd in plaats van afgestraft.
JA21 wil:
- Nederland uit de wooncrisis: massaal betaalbare woningen bouwen, belemmerende (stikstof- en duurzaamheids) regels van tafel.
- Huurders zekerheid bieden, OZB en erfpacht niet als melkkoe voor gemeenten en de Wet Hillen herinvoeren
- Speculatie op de woningmarkt bestrijden.
- Een nieuwe stad voor 100.000 tot 150.000 inwoners.
Hier wordt ik verdrietig van.
- "Eigenwoningbezit moet worden gestimuleerd". Waarom eigenlijk? Het hele punt is dat de verhouding eigenwoningbezit vs. huren totaal scheef is geworden. In het gigantische voordeel van de bezitters. De maandlasten zijn door de lage rente erg laag voor enorme bedragen. Dat drijft de prijs van de huizen op (en ook de huur). De huurder krijgt de zwaarste klappen, de bezitter wordt op papier schatrijk.
- "Massaal bouwen". Oké, hoe dan? Kan je zo maar stikstof- en duurzaamheidsregels van tafel gooien? Hoe ga je dat aanpakken op nationaal niveau? Is veelal bevoegte van gemeenten nu. Totaal geen uitgewerkt plan.
- "Huurders zekerheid bieden". Oké, hoe dan? Drie woorden is alles wat er geschreven wordt. Daarna weer meer concrete maatregelen om woonlasten voor bezitters te verminderen. Een hogere OZB zou juist eerlijker zijn om huren weer wat aantrekkelijker te maken en huizenprijzen te drukken.
- "Speculatie bestrijden". Oké, HOE DAN?
- "Een nieuwe stad bouwen"... Tja, wat moet je hier nou mee? Een paradapaardje dat de woningcrisis hoogstens in één regio kan verminderen, als het al ooit gaat gebeuren. Wederom geen concreet plan.
Als starter en huurder wordt ik echt depressief van het gebrek aan urgentie en diepgang van JA21 op dit vlak. Waarom is dit zo? Wil JA21 geen jongere kiezer aan zich binden? Als ik dit lees dan wordt JA21 nog erger dan de VVD op woonbeleid. Een paar vage dogma's, that's it. Vooral de status quo handhaven.
Het enige puntje van JA21 is dat migratie serieuzer wordt genomen als probleemfactor. Dat is goed, maar dat is voor de lange termijn. Op korte termijn heb ik helemaal niks aan JA21 als het om wonen gaat.
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